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Welcome to Otaku Orientation! This is my place to everything related to anime. ☀ Such as anime I'm currently watching, manga I'm currently reading, recommendations and updates about my otaku life! ☚

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Would you like to be in an anime?

Konichiwa mina,

I haven't posted a questions for a while now and it's because I couldn't think of any. I'm sorry, if you have been waiting so patiently for one! But anyways, I hope you like this question.

Today's questions will be:
Would you like to be in an anime?

MY ANSWER: Definitely! I would love to to be an anime girl. <3 The story lines in an anime are so fantastic and I'm so eager to take part in the fun as well! XD Also, I would love to be friends with the people in the anime, and cooperate with them as we go on. :)

I'm looking forward to your answers~! ^^


Why do you take interest in anime?

Konichiwa Mina,

Ugh, I have been so busy lately, I couldn't even find time to post. I can't believe I haven't posted for so long. D: Gomenesai, mina. Anyways, I noticed that I haven't posted a question that starts with a "why" and so I thought it might be interesting.

Today's question will be:
Why do you take interest in anime?

MY ANSWER: One of the reasons that I take interest in anime is because of the art. It's very unique, because of it's big cute eyes and how they draw them is great. Many anime have very great story lines. In fact, everyone one of them does. (It's just that I don't like ALL of them.) XD

Leave your answers in the comments~


If you were able to be best friends with someone from any anime, who would it be?

Kanichiwa Mina,

Heyy y'all! Today, when I came back from School...I thought of this really cool question that I would post on my World! So here it is:

If you were able to be best friends with someone from any anime, who would it be?
(Note: It could be more than 1 and it could be from a manga too!)

Mine would be Okazaki Tomoya from CLANNAD! Because...he is such a strong person, he's hilarious, and he's nice too. I like how his friendship with Sunohara is so tight, I want to be friends with him too! ^^

Leave your answers in the Comments!~
Talk to you laterz