Poetry is poetry whether it depicts a sad and soul wrenching theme, or if it sends someone to universe that they feel happy in. However, i still feel the same way i do about rhyming, but if that what helps you get it out, then you have every right as a writter and artist to use rhymes.

Looking back at everything i have written, i was a troubled girl who was saved by pen and paper, friends and even the art of others. I greatly advise anyone to start writting, drawing, singing, playing sports, anything to keep you happy and steer you away from suicide. You do matter whether you know that upfront or not.

got poems!!!

i got two new poems 4 u guys!!!but they wont be up till bout 11:15 mountain time

ruff draft

i got the ruff draft of the love poem but its not finished and i cant post it now i dun have time but ill post it later promise!!!

new poem!

srry i culdnt find tha love one but i will find it!!but for now enjoy this lovely poem bout pain

Pain and Suffering

YOu dont appreciate me, youre not proud
of me,i wish i were alone at

one little mistake ,and the world comes
to an end,one little grade slip and
suddenly im stupid

this pain is too great,cutting
gets harder to resist

you think i give up easily,you
want me to quit everything i
love doing and you dont know how hard
it is to quit doing the things you

Im srry that im not smart and beautiful
enough ot be loved,Im srry that you
find me disappointing

and im srry that ill never be perfect

srry guys

i left my poem @ home and i cant tyoe it but i promise ill try to member it tomorro!!!!!!!that is if i can find it...it was in my jean pocket and i think i threw it away...heh heh

new poem!!

i wrote a new poem but i cant type it now ill type it tomoro and thankz to Zero for helping me think of a theme!!!