Hi everybody,
If you have visited The Drak Realm or The Undrworld, then you know what's gonna go in this world.For those who haven't visited my other world's then this is a world where all of my poems or other writings go.
I love to write poetry and love to write things down that I have on my mind.But this world is mostly for anything I want it to be.If you would like to see something other than poetry then all you have to do is recommend something and I'll ty and do something like it.

Untitled (yet again)

I lay here on the cold and broken tile floor
Exhausted beyond comprehension
My body feels like it has been taken through Hell and back again
I look up at the ceiling above
And begin to dream

As tears begin to form in my eyes
Memories from times long past pass before me
Making me long for the days that I could have found happiness while in this dark place
I can see my family: my little brother, my sister, my mom and dad
My mother and father stand before me, holding one another and smiling at me
I can picture my little brother laughing with my parents about some little prank he pulled
He stands behind me, merely taking in my posture and trying to evaluate how to help me get through whatever emotion or turmoil I'm facing
I can see my sister running towards me with her arms outstretched
She keeps running towards me with her open arms and tears streaming down her face
The abruptly passes through me and disappears along with my brother and my parents
I look around me, desperately trying to see where they are or where they went
But there is no trace of them
Its as if they had never been here with me in the first place
I keep calling for them, but there is no answer to be heard whatsoever
I give up and merely fall to my knees
Wrapping my arms around myself I let out a cry of despair and sorrow
The tears that I have long fought to keep from falling are now pouring down my cheeks like never ending waterfalls
I cry my heart out to the world around me
Hoping to let every inhabitant of this world feel my pain
But no one's here in this world to hear my cry of pain and loss
There is is only me in this miserable world of darkness
Its unbearable to be able to feel this way
I just wished I could leave this world and never come here again

As I awake from my slumber, I can barely see a small speck of light
A small speck that is gradually beginning to grow in size
I try to sit up, but cannot fore my arms nor my legs won't support my body's weight
So I just lay here on the cold and broken tile floor
Looking at the small light that has begun to get larger by the minute
I can do nothing more than merely watch as the light in this world of darkness gradually increases
As I look into the light, I see the most happiest, saddest and unmistakable site I've ever seen in my entire miserable existence in this world
I see my family standing in the center of the light
I begin to cry anew
Fore my family is smiling and outstretching their arms towards me
I try and reach for them but fail
My arms, legs and most of my body is entirely exhausted and cannot move
I cry out and look back up at the light in which surrounds my family
My sister and brother are looking at me with expectant expressions on their faces
While my dad is just looking down at with that knowing smile of his
My mom on the other hand is talking to me, but I cannot hear her words
I try and tell her this but cannot because my voice is rusty from disuse
She says something again, but this its something different
I look at her with a blank expression
She turns to my sister who looks down at me and repeats what my mom had said earlier
And this time I look at her lips so I can at least try and interpret what I need to do
What I find out is not unexpected but hard to do
My mom and sister tell me that all I have to do is let go of all the pain I've kept within myself
Only then will I be able to be with them
So I close my eyes and concentrate on letting go

When I open my eyes again, I see my dad looking down at me with a happy smile on his face
I feel his arms holding me so I look around me
To my left I see my brother and sister looking at me with tears in their eyes
I look to my right and see my mom looking at me also
But she isn't crying, she's smiling
Its then that I realize where I am
I feel tears begin to swell in my eyes because I can't believe what I had done
I actually did what my mother and sister had told me to do
I let go of the world around me, with all its pain, loss, misery, and sorrow
And now I am with my family eternally


I haven't posted anything in a very long time. Sorry about that. I've been pretty busy with work and this chaos that comes with having to help take care of a family of five. LOL Sometime soon, I hope to post some new stuff. But until then, I have work to do. Later guys.


It's beautiful here
In this crystalline landscape
Snow covers everything here
Even the water
The moon shines bright in the night sky
The stars ever brighter
A howl sounds off in the distance
I can hear the urgency in the wolf's sad song
I listen for the wolf to cry out again
But am denied of the pleasure to hear it's sad song

Standing here beneath the thick copse of huge evergreen trees'
I begin walking towards the direction of the howl
It seems like a long walk but eventually the tree's begin to thin out
And it becomes more and more easier to see what's ahead of me
What I see is a vast plain,
A great plain at that,
The snow cover's this plain well
Anyone who flew on the back of a gryphon wouldn't know this was a great plain
But anyone who looks at it from where I'm standing would be able to recognize it instantly
A howl sounds off in the distance
I try and look around me in every direction trying to decifer where the wolf is
Another howl answer's the first
Then there are more howls' answering the first
And now I know where the howls' are coming from
The howls' are coming from every direction
I walk out from beneath the trees and look up at the moon in the night sky
My breath forms in a little cloud in front of me


Life isn't always easy
Especially when you don't have anyone to depend on
You look around at the people walking by
And see that they either have a friend or loved one with them
But you have no one by your side to talk to
Or confide in
It hurts,no it kills you
Every day you fight a never ending battle
To remind yourself that she's gone and won't ever be coming back
You always thought she would always be here by your side
Laughing and talking with you about her day
How she was doing
And how she felt
In the end you found out that she wouldn't always be here for you
She died in a horrible accident
An accident that you both didn't think could happen

Three years have passed since then
And I've been here for you ever since then
But you don't seem to notice
You keep living each day like you have since her death
I keep living each day like I don't care or notice how you act
But I do
And I keep trying to hide that fact
In the end it doesn't seem to work
Because you always find me in my favorite spot crying
You take one look at me every time
Then you walk over to where I sit
And simply hold me in your arms while I cry
I don't have the courage to tell you why I'm crying
I just let you hold me and comfort me for as long as you are able to
Once I'm done crying you help me up
And walk with me back to your place
I try and keep my thoughts to myself
But the latter wins and I ask you
"Why do you keep acting like you have no one to depend on?"
You stop walking with me and simply look at me
I'm always the one who ends up trying to change the subject after that
But this time your the one who says something
You tell me
"Because I lost the one I truly held close to my heart."
I look back at you then back at the sidewalk in front of me
I turn and keep walking knowing what you said was the truth

Today is like any other day
But your not doing what you usually do
Your sitting across from me watching me intently
Like I'm some kind of freak show or some kind of science experiment
I look away from your eyes
And out at the ocean
You get up from your seat and come to sit beside me
I know your right beside me but don't bother to look back at you
Because I don't know what to do
Or how to react
I just simply stare out at the ocean
You say my name and I can't do anything but look at you
Your sitting so close I can hear your heart beating within your chest
I look up at your face
You simply lean down and kiss me
I pull back and ask you
"What was that for?"
You pull me in a close embrace and tell me
"Because I love you!"

Tormentor of My Dreams

He haunts my dreams at night
He calls to me day and night
Insisting that I answer him
But I won't ever answer him
Because I know what he wants
He desires my unwavering attention
And he wants my obedience
My heart
My soul
Every day is like walking through a living hell
Though I won't admit it to anyone but myself
Hearing him calling me day and night is beginning to drive me crazy
He keeps insisting that I answer him
But I don't want to
I don't feel like answering him
I want to keep ignoring him
Yet I don't have enough strength to fight him anymore
He keeps telling me that I have a choice
To accept his offer and be with him
Or simply declie his offer and walk away
Everytime I dream of him
He does nothing but tell me
"Come away with me and live forever.I will make you happy and you will no longer long to be here."
I always look into his eyes and simply stare at him
He never does anything but look into my eyes
We always stand there looking at each other
When I begin to answer him I wake up
Never will I be able to answer him unless I have the power to do so
And I will never have that power or strength
Because he takes it away
I fear him and yet I want to be by his side
For whatever reason unknown to me

He haunt my dreams at night
Calls to me day and night
Insisting that I answer him
For he is the tormentor of my dreams