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Please leave a comment/PM (or email: [email protected]) me about any other topics you are wondering about~!

List: Otaku of the month

Hey guys,

Just leaving a list of Otaku's we've already featured as we are starting to accept nominations of members too!

Past members featured:
Ritona Raito

If you're thinking of nominating someone (who can also be yourself), please try to keep these things in mind:

-Usually a long standing member (over 1+ year) and is still active
-Someone who inspires and guides other members
-Can be highlighted for any type of work (i.e. fanfiction, traditional, digital artwork and graphic design)
-Willing to fill out an interview (which we will PM to them).

We look forward to hearing from you either via comment or PM! :)

Voice Actor Chat Session?!

Heyo all!

As the title suggests, we're looking into bringing a guest voice actor to have a chat session. We've done this a couple of times in the past, and it was received warmly.

We want to get your opinion:
1) Would this interest you?
2) Who would you like to see come in?

As for the community projects going on; thank you to all those who put in your suggestions! We going over some now (the tutorials look like it's a positive go, but product stuff doesn't look like an viable path at the moment).

Project: Creative Ideas

Heyo all!

I got the thumbs up from Adam to think of some creative projects we could do as a group. I ended up talking with a few members originally about art books (however, it would have to be original art for it to be published), but some members came up with even more creative ideas like creating a deck of cards, or posters and other items to buy.

I was also thinking of tutorials for some of our creative artists (traditional, digital and wallpaper/graphic), but I'd really like to hear if you have any other opinions, or details to add to the opinions already mentioned.

We'd like to hear!

Otaku Feature of the Month: BabyD

Heyo guys!

Until theOtaku page is up and mirroring that of Facebook, I thought it would be nice to post a few things that I think is great to share on the main website as well. This one, Otaku Feature is an interview with fellow artist: BabyD.

Special thanks for BabyD for agreeing to the Q&A, as well as Keba Si Rota, for suggesting the idea :)

╔═..<3 ═════════════════════════╗
Otaku Feature of the Month: BabyD
╚══════..<3 ════════════════════╝

Our first feature like this! We interviewed BabyD and are pleased to present to you this hardworking, dedicated member and her artistic journey and experience!
Facebook Link

Q&A with BabyD:
1. How did you come across theOtaku?
Hmmmm wow I'm not really sure, I'ts been almost 10 years since I joined this site yikes! I think it was after I started drawing a lot, I was looking for more "anime" stuff to draw and got into the whole "otaku" world and after looking for more sites I found theotaku.com. First I was more in myOtaku.com but after watching people posting designs I decide to give it a try and at the end I spent more time in theO.

2. Where did you come up with your username?
I have to confess I'm really lazy when I have to come up with a name or username, I pretty much use my name in all the MMO and other games I played. But because this was such a looong time ago I didn't like to use my name and I decide to use my dog's name that it was "Baby" and the "density" part came from a floppy disk promo I saw, yes a floppy disk, I don't even know why I picked that word, I was 13 or 14 and since I already used this username in other forums before I used the same one here (did I said I was lazy?). But when the username change was available here I decide to make it shorter, oh and for those who didn't know yeah my username was babydensity but many people kept saying babydestiny *sigh* so now is BabyD, boom!

3. What type of art do you specialize in?
Well now, Photoshop editing and photo manipulation.

4. How do you think theOtaku has assisted with your art growth?
Whoa in a lot of ways. Just seeing so many artworks of the members here made me want to be better. The best example is to see my early works and compare it to now. That's how theOtaku inspired me to try to make and learn new things.

5. Who has inspired you on this website? In general?
Ooooh that's a hard one because it wasn't only one, it was in fact a mix of a lot of users here in theO. Some sadly left theotaku.com but there still a couples of artist that still inspire me to try and do new things. SakuraDust, Ritona Raito, Angel Zakuro, Tauria, sweetdevil, chibi-anna-chan, Blue Latte, KairiJun, Hanako Sho, Ikemarth, CleaversForKids, Kami-chan.x3, yuko9kost, Felcie, Kurihara Akane, JanetChan oh god there's so many so sorry if I forgot someone there's so many amazing artists! DX All together inspired me in general, we exchange opinions and I like to think we learned from each other and with the blogs and chats we got to know each other better! OH and I can't forget about Michiyo Shimizu and Tito! he even visited me when I was in the hospital! *hugs*

6. What are your primary art tools?
Hmmm when I draw a pencil and in the laptop Adobe Photoshop CS2 with a mouse, yep.

7. Anything else you’d like to share?
I really hope this site still exist a lot more years, is already been almost 10 years for me and I can honestly say that it's been and it will always be part of my life. When I get old, my ranking will be Otaku Elder and instead of a cupcake I want a beard *thumbsup*

8. What are some of your favorite works that you've created?

Upcoming on theOtaku!

Heyo guys!

Happy New Year!
Thank you for all your suggestions in the last post, it really helped us narrow down possible contest ideas. While this is still in the process, we're thinking of the idea surrounding resolutions. We're hoping to include all sections by using a special tag, but that's still a thing to be determined.

Just wanted to update you all on what to expect in 2015 on our Facebook page (and Twitter, where applicable). We will try to aim for at least one post/day for most of the year.

As for what's new with theOtaku, here are some new type posts that will be posted on the FB page:

-Highlighting upcoming anime/manga releases: where random anime/manga will be featured with a brief synopsis, ratings and other relevant information

-Otaku of the month: where one Otaku will be interview per month, about their personal artistic journey (December portfolio features will continue on this month until finished).

-Tutorials, about anything anime/manga related, or anything else you guys suggest!

Of course, we will be continuing to post:

-Fun 'comment' posts
-Question posts
-Otaku artwork features
-Anime/manga/video games quotes
-Possible game questions

Thank you, as always for your ongoing support and ideas. If you think something else might be of interest to people, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to discuss and pass it on. I do hope that a lot of what we post on FB will come over to theOtaku, because it would be great for everyone to get involved ^^

Take care!!