Welcome to an information (mainly) world! Just for FAQ and such mostly regarding quizzes.

Please leave a comment/PM me about any other topics you are wondering about~!

Ideas for a...


Yes, staff of theOtaku are thinking of holding a contest sometime soon :) I wanted to ask what you guys would think would be an interesting idea/theme for one.

I'm thinking something along the lines of Winter, but it can be about anything. I'd love to hear :D

By the way, when did it become six days until Christmas?!


Heyo guys!!

For those who have to yet follow our Facebook Page, I just wanted to let you guys know for the whole month of December, we are going to feature Otaku's profiles on Facebook! It's a great idea to show off our amazing members and their art skills!!

We are doing this completely by nominations, so we are asking you to message (please don't comment because we want to keep it a surprise) on some Otaku(s) who have inspired you, welcomed you, encouraged you in any way on this website and you believe they need some extra attention!!

If you haven't already: Facebook Page

Please spread the word if you're able! Thanks for reading :)

Going through reports...

Hey guys!!

Just an update regarding some stuff with theOtaku (well...more like an update for me).
I'm now helping out with reports that Otaku's have reported over the past...year (maybe more)! xD

I know reports are an issue, but I'll do my best regarding them.
I just want to let you know: there is always a valid reason why I delete a work. I do take the time to read the report, find evidence (if it's a trace) and just personal judgement. I don't delete stuff because I don't like you, but moreso, we, as a community want to make this website a better place for artists :)

You are all welcome to come and discuss any concerns with me, cause lol, I don't bite xD

Also!! If you have time, please consider joining the fan art SS event that Mangakid and I are hosting this year (you'll find other events on our homepage): LINK

Take care~! :D

Twitter now!

Hey guys!

Just an update that we are now live on Twitter as well! Feel free to follow us there to get all theOtaku news! :)


Fun Comic Challenges!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to promote the comic challenges, seeing that they're the least entered. However, don't be discouraged cause there are a lot of short comics (4 panels) that are amazing. The main thing is that you have fun, and you also get to improve your art skills in the process!

So take a few hours and give the comic section some love!! :D

>>Ninja Fail Challenge<<

>>Tragic Story Challenge<<

That's all guys & as always, thank you for reading! :)