Welcome to an information (mainly) world! Just for FAQ and such mostly regarding quizzes.

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Twitter now!

Hey guys!

Just an update that we are now live on Twitter as well! Feel free to follow us there to get all theOtaku news! :)


Fun Comic Challenges!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to promote the comic challenges, seeing that they're the least entered. However, don't be discouraged cause there are a lot of short comics (4 panels) that are amazing. The main thing is that you have fun, and you also get to improve your art skills in the process!

So take a few hours and give the comic section some love!! :D

>>Ninja Fail Challenge<<

>>Tragic Story Challenge<<

That's all guys & as always, thank you for reading! :)

Otaku Facebook Page!!

Heyo guys!

Just a little notice to those who don't know that theOtaku has a Facebook Page! It's planning to be more active on Facebook, so if you have an account there, be sure to give it a 'like' to follow for updates such as:

-Highlighted works of art from various portals from TheOtaku
-Various quizzes
-Promoting members from theOtaku
-And much more! So like to see another amazing aspect of theOtaku!!
*** HAVE some ideas for how we can use our Facebook Page?! Leave a comment below~


I'll be on there as well as a manager, so I'm really looking forward to seeing some of you guys on there!

Stay cool & take care! ;)

Suggestions for theOtaku?

Heyo guys!

I just wanted to get some ideas rolling, but if there were something you had to add/improve on this website, what would it be and why?

Really! Go for anything! :D

The Quiz Checklist

Hey guys!

As some of you already know, I'm the person who goes through quizzes and decides whether or not they become 'finalized' and show up on the "Quizzes" tab. I decided to make a post about what are some key features I look for in a quiz and why I consider them important.

Another excellent post was made by SunFallE's post Why Aren't You Approving My Quiz.

Personally, I think quizzes can be one of the hardest things to submit on this site as it takes time, knowledge of a certain fandom, and determination. Therefore, I want to say that even if your quiz doesn't get accepted the first time around, please try again and don't give up!

The Quiz Checklist:

  • Effective Title. Because the title is one of the main ways to draw people to your quiz, it's always important to have a clear, concise title of what you're quiz is about. Please also capitalize each word in the title. For example: "Which Element Is Right For You?" instead of "Which element is right for you?" I can edit quizzes, however, every little bit helps!
  • Proper Grammar. I look at this throughout the entire quiz. Sometimes it takes as much as twenty minutes more trying to understand what a person is trying to say, and then retyping it with the correct grammar and punctuation. I normally do not approve quizzes when they have "U" instead of "you" or "y" instead of "why" within the image, the main reason being...I can't edit images. So please, if anything, make sure your image text has proper spelling and grammar!
  • Image Quality. This is perhaps the BIGGEST reason why I deny quizzes. Images must be crisp and clear, with (readable) text informing the person who they got as a result, and why they got them. Please see the image below showing some excellent, good and minimal examples of what results should look like. LOOKIE --> TUTORIAL
  • Quiz Questions. I appreciate that some questions will be generic, such as favorite color/food, etc., but there should at least be a few questions that are unique and unpredictable (i.e. A person wanting to get a certain character will choose answers that apply to that character...). Also try mixing up the answers (i.e. such as not every second answer will give a certain character).

I also look at some minor items such as popularity of a topic (I search topics I haven't heard before on theOtaku to see if there are other posts about it), as well as OC quizzes... I approve OC quizzes ONLY IF it satisfies the four main points above. It is also extremely important to write a great image result so people will understand who they have as a result.

That's pretty much the first four list that I look at when going through quizzes. If you take some of the stuff I mentioned in here, then I'm sure that your quiz will be more than fine! Remember to keep trying your best and that I'm here if you need clarification! :D Best of luck creating new quizzes~

** P.S. I know some people are having issues with how to create great image quality results, so I'll be making a tutorial about that soon :)