Extended Profile: Falorin Halloway + Sketch

Yup. I'm gonna talk about Falorin. Ohhhh, yeahhh! :D
I always post these profiles, but they're always so long. xD; Sorry, I just type a lot...

Warning: Contains spoilers, but you should read it anyways because I’ll probably never post a comic. ;3;

Name: Falorin Halloway
Nicknames: Fally (by me)
Age: Around 17 in appearence, real age unknown
Race/Species: Human
Status: Prince/ruler of Endergia, the "phantom country"
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10-5'11
Special Talent: Swordplay, lying, acting, musical talent (piano), can talk to ghosts
Hobbies: Playing piano, fencing
Profession(s): Prince
Birthplace: Endergia
Current Residence: Endergia
Likes: Endergia (he's the prince)
Dislikes: Isaac
Love Interest: None
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Hair Color: Very pale blue/purple, silver-ish, almost white
Hair Length: Short; above mid-neck
Eye Color: Light icy blue
Jewelry/accessories: Sheath? Does that count? xD
General Appearance: He's a handsome guy, but has an aura of evil and coldness.
Relationship with Family: No family
Key Family / Relatives: None
Relationship with Friends: No friends
Key Friends: None
Key Enemies: Isaac, Charlotte
Educational History: Unknown
Phobias / Fears: Losing (he's very competative)
Bad Habits / Vices: Hates being corrected; does not understand humans (apathetic)
Emotional Problems: Well, he's a murderer, so.....
Best Qualities: I JUST THINK HE'S COOL.
Worst Qualities: Evil
Key Childhood Experiences: unknown
Personal Goals: Return Endergia to power; And something else, but that’s still a secret.
Professional Goals: idk
Style of Speech: Sophisticatedish. Like in Fire Emblem. (This story is heavily FE inspired)
Commonly Used Words / Slang: Idk
Personality: Malicious; unforgiving; playful, if somewhat childish; evil, obviously.

Falorin is the prince of a country called Endergia, and is also the main antagonist of the story. So I guess I’ll talk a little about Endergia first…

I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet… and I’m probably going to make some of this up as I go. xD But anyways, Endergia used to be this super amazing country that was really powerful and stuff. But at some time, the ruler became too powerful and wanted to control the world and stuff. The country of Chaunisveld (in the future, the country Charlotte is princess of) went to war with Endergia to prevent it from gaining total power. Using some sort of sealing magic, the rulers of Chaunisveld managed to defeat the ruler of Endergia, and sealed Endergia away so it would never be seen again.

Over the years, Endergia became somewhat of a myth or legend, and gained the nickname “the phantom country.” (It got the nickname because it was sealed away, and can’t be seen… yeah.) Part of the legend is that as the ruler of Endergia and his country were being sealed away, he said he will come back, and will bring his fallen comrades with him. “But this time,” he claimed, “they will not be defeated.”

O0o0oOO0h Ominous. Or weird.

But anyways, back to business. I’m not really sure if the guy in the legend is Falorin, or some sort of ancestor. Doesn’t really matter. So yeah. Falorin is the ruler of that country. The reason the myth said the comrades wouldn’t be defeated that time around is because the citizens of Endergia are all GHOOOOOOOOOOOSTSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess because it was sealed away, everyone died and turned into ghosts.
Falorin can talk to ghosts though.

Um… I think I’m talking more about Endergia than Falorin.
Let me start over. Falorin is the prince of Endergia. He has no family and no friends. The reason he is Isaacs enemy is… well… I’ll keep at least that much a secret. The reason he’s Charlotte’s enemy should be obvious; Endergia was defeated by her country in the past, so he’s ANGRY. Grr. But Isaac is actually his main target.

Falorin is a very good actor. He easily manipulates people because he is skilled at taking on different personalities. He is also quite handsome. Hoho. But anyways, Falorin believes the key to being a good actor is being a good liar. He is quite a good liar. His main flaw in acting however (as pointed out by Charlotte at some point) is that he really doesn’t understand how other people think. He is very apathetic.

One of Falorin’s “pet peeves” is being corrected. He thinks he is right about everything, and hates being told he’s wrong. He’s also kind of a control freak, and hates when someone disobeys him. He loves when things go exactly how he wants, especially when people react just how he wants them to. Yeah. Kind of childish thinking in my opinion, but that’s how he is. I guess he’d be childish since he doesn’t have any parents. Another childish aspect about him is throwing tantrums. He usually does this when someone doesn’t listen to him, corrects him, or if things don’t go how he expects them to.

Because Endergia’s population is made of ghosts, the people that Falorin kills become part of Endergia's population… MAYBE. This is an idea I had, but I’m not really sure if I like it. It would explain why he kills people though, because he’d want to have more people in his country to rule over. And when he gets enough people, he’d be able to defeat Charlotte and whatnot. Yeh. He is extremely apathetic and doesn’t care at all about other people.

Falorin lives in a castle and drinks wine. OOOH, HE’S ONLY 17 THOUGH… this is really irrelevant information.

Some special skills of Falorin’s are playing the piano, being skilled with a sword, and as mentioned earlier, acting. He enjoys the arts, and likes to watch plays. That last part sounds kind of too nice for him.

This is basically it, as far as his character goes. :/ Yup.

And here's that sketch of Falorin I was talking about sometime:
External Image
Redid the outfit I made for him a while ago. :M It's pretty much the same. xD
The top of his head got cut off when I scanned it. ;A; WHY.
There will be more detail in the chair he's sitting in. I want it to be like a throne. :D
I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with the background yet... :D;
Also, sorry for the unproportional-ness. Dx Blah.