Extended Profile: Gliding Eagle

I decided to write up her profile. :U She's the girl in this picture.

Name: Gaile Anderson (pronounced "gale")
Nicknames: Gliding Eagle, Eagle (by everyone)
Age: 20
Birthday: Unknown at the moment
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Special Talent: Tattoo-ing, piercing, painting/airbrush art
Hobbies: Watching TV, taking walks, painting, climbing trees
Profession(s): Owner of a tattoo-and-piercing shop; tattoo artist; freelance artist
Birthplace: Unknown at the moment
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Likes: People, the city, nature, graffiti art, customers, music
Dislikes: Authority, jerks, people who never have time for fun, avocados, violence
Love Intrest: Kor Schollen
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Hair Length: Comes just above mid-back, but she usually has it tied up
in a high ponytail.
Eye Color: Green
Jewelry/accessories: various necklaces and bracelets, 3 piercings on
each ear, tattoo on right arm
General Appearance: Spunky and spontaneous style of clothes, very
colorful, kind of cutesy
Relationship with Friends: People who know her think she's crazy and
eccentric. Kor is initially a little bit scared of her... But that's just because of his misinterpretation of the situation.
Key Friends: Kor; others to be decided.
Key Enemies: none at the moment; to be decided.
Educational History: graduated from high school
Phobias / Fears: to be decided
Bad Habits / Vices: Lack of common sense, makes strange assumptions at
Best Qualities: Spontaneous, creative, friendly
Worst Qualities: Scatterbrained, hard headed
Personal Goals: to be decided
Professional Goals: to be decided
Style of Speech: laid back, urban, idk... She talks real chilllllll.
Personality: friendly and easygoing, but a bit eccentric

Gliding Eagle is a girl who works at a tattoo-and-piercing shop. YEAH! She's a very eccentric girl who does as she pleases without paying any mind to what others think. She's friendly to most everyone, and loves to enjoy life. She hates worrying about things, so she doesn't. Some people see her as irresponsible, but she's just easygoing about everything and gets by how she wants to. She's the kind of person who sees life in a "what will be, will be" sort of way. She may not have the most book smarts, but she's good at interacting with others.

She meets Kor when he wanders into her shop. She thinks he's a customer who came from some sort of geek convention. xD; (She thinks the horns and wings are part of his costume.) Through a series of strange events, she concludes that Kor is actually a foreign exchange student who has no home. (?????) She makes weird assumptions, like I said. xD;;;; She decides to let Kor live with her since he has no home. Most people wouldn't do this, but like I said, she lacks common sense. :d But she lives in an apartment with a bedroom and a couch... so she sleeps in the bedroom while Kor sleeps on the couch. Yuppppp.

Gliding Eagle is also the one who pierced and tattoo'd Kor's wings. Like I said earlier, she thought he was a customer. Yup.
It would make so much more sense if I drew it. xD

Gliding Eagle loves nature and is extremely eco-friendly. She also loves peace and dislikes authority. xD; Her parents were hippies back in the day, so she adopted some of their hippie ways. xD She's not into the drugs, though. By the way, Eagle technically owns the tattoo-and-piercing shop, but she considers herself an equal among her employees. (random information...)
Oh yeah, her name also comes from her hippie mysticism or whatever. She never introduces herself with her real name, Gaile. She just doesn't like to use it and prefers to be called Gliding Eagle.

Even though Eagle loves nature, she also has an attachment to the city. The only thing she doesn't like about the city is how littered it is, so she'll often spend some days off randomly cleaning the sidewalks and such. Just because she feels like it.
One of her favorite things about the city is graffiti art; she just likes the look of it. Eagle herself is pretty good at airbrush and paint art. She sells her pictures to whoever wants to buy them. :d

Um.... I don't know what else to say about her. xD If I think of anything else, I'll update this. Thanks for reading! :)