Extended Profile: Danny

Since I just uploaded a picture of him, I'm going to post Danny's extended profile. :m

**OFAV characters have some information missing from the top part of the profile because such information is irrelevent**

Name: Daniel
Nicknames: Danny, Danny-boy (by Gabe or Jo, on occasion)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7
Special Talent: Baking, has good fashion sense
Hobbies: Hanging out with Gabe or Jo, eating candy (?!?!?), shopping, going into stores but not buying anything
Profession(s): Coffee shop clerk
Current Residence: Paris, France
Likes: Candy and sweet food, fashion shows, city life, caramel flavored coffee, black and white clothing
Dislikes: Vegetables, dentists, orthodontists, braces, retainers, cavities, when someone doesn’t tell him something
Love Interest: Gabe; later Jo
Sexual Orientation: Thought to be homosexual, but is actually bisexual
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Length: Short and spiked
Eye Color: His eyes are naturally brown, but he thinks that’s boring so he wears purple contacts. (But he also wears glasses... what? xD)
Jewelry: One piercing on each ear, likes to wear rings and wristbands
Key Friends: Gabe, Jo, slightly Stefan and Dean (Actually I wrote this a while ago, and I can’t remember what conversations he has with Dean…. >3>)
Key Enemies: None, but considered Stefan a rival at one point
Phobias / Fears: Cockroaches
Bad Habits / Vices: Snide at times, nosy
Best Qualities: Easily converses with people
Worst Qualities: Complains a lot
Personal Goals: TO GET THOSE HORMONES UNDER CONTROL, BOYYYY. Okay, not really. Uh. Well, he’d like to confess to Jo someday I guess…
Professional Goals: He doesn’t care, he just wants money.
Style of Speech: Like, totally girly! But not quite as girly as Tomato.
Personality: Energetic and emotive, but selfish; stubborn; seemingly arrogant, but can be quite bashful; needs to be constantly entertained.

(By the way, a lot of this probably won’t come up in OFAV… xD;;;;;;)

Yeah… Danny. I think I made him because I wanted to draw a very childish and immature character. Tomato is pretty immature, but he’s almost a different kind of immature… I guess. xD Danny’s an energetic boy who gets bored very easily. When he’s bored, he has a tendency to complain a lot. He acts proud and cutesy, but he can also be a bit snarky (I think that’s the word? xD) and mean. He finds hilarity in making fun of people he doesn’t know. Even though he acts like he’s all that, he’s actually easily embarrassed.

So. Danny is a 24-year-old... something. I’m leaning toward guy-who-works-at-a-coffee-shop. xD His parents are fashion designers, so he has an interest in fashion, and designs clothes in his free time. He can’t sew, so his clothes usually just stay sketches. More than designing clothes, he likes window shopping at really expensive stores that he can’t afford to buy from.

He loves candy and anything sweet. :B But he has bad oral hygiene, so his teeth are terrible. He has multiple fillings and is supposed to wear a retainer. (But he doesn’t…) The reason I decided on this is because I used to want to draw him with a gap in his teeth when he smiles. xD; Like this:

But I probably won't draw him like that.
He also has a knack for baking. :9 Yum.

While Danny and his parents don’t always see eye to eye, he’s very close to them. This is because he has only recently been living on his own; in college, he commuted from college to his parents’ house. Danny met Gabe through his parents. Like I said before, his parents are designers. They designed some clothing for Tomato, and were at the photo shoot when Tomato was modeling the clothes. Danny came along too, and met Gabe there (since Gabe’s Tomato’s hair stylist). Gabe, being the flirt that he is, pulled his moves on Danny. (what) Danny wasn’t incompliant, though… Aha. -u-; And that’s how their friendship (?) began. They are real friends, though. I mean, their relationship isn’t totally physical… but I’d say a fairly large portion of it is. .3.

On a side note, Gabe is the only boy that Danny fools around with, but Gabe has multiple lovers. (orz) But it’s not like Gabe keeps his friends a secret from each other, he’s pretty open about it. GABE IS JUST… RATHER PROMISCUOUS…

But enough about Gabe. Danny ends up falling in love with Gabe because yeah. He initially was going to confess to Gabe formally, but he suspected Gabe liked Stefan so Danny kind of lost hope in Gabe. He gives up the idea of him and Gabe being in a formal relationship when Gabe tells him he likes Stef. For a while Danny does consider Stefan his rival, but he knows that Gabe only thinks of Danny as a friend and doesn’t stand a chance against Stef. (Or something like that, idk.) In the end, he tries to encourage Stef and Gabe to go out with each other. Aha. WHAT IS THIS OVERLY-ROMANTIC STORY…

After Danny’s feelings move on from Gabe, he ends up developing feelings for Gabe’s sister Jo. The initial reason is because she kind of looks and acts like Gabe. When Danny realizes he’s crushing on Jo, he kind of freaks out because he’s never been attracted to a girl before. He also doesn’t know if he should confess to Jo because she thinks he’s gay and she’s told him that she’s not really into romance. He also hates how she’s taller than him. Haha. BUT HE GETS OVER IT.
Isn’t that right, Danny.
DannyxJo is like… one of two straight couples in OFAV. Or three-ish. The other two are DeanxLeah and MickxLeah… BUT I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT. Read Dean’s profile if you’re interested in that.

UM… I guess that’s all I have to say about Danny. If I think of anything else, I’ll add it.