Extended Profile: Lafayette

WOO haven't done one of these in a while. Not since, like... Noland, two years ago. (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS...???)

Anyway, here's a profile for a new character that might appear in Nerdy and Jock. I'll post some pics of him at the end.

Name: Lafayette (unknown if this is his real name, or one he came up with himself)
Nicknames: Laf (pronounced "loff" not "laugh") (Only by Dmitri)
Age: 16
Gender: Non-binary/indifferent, uses whatever pronouns. (Most people use “they,” Dmitri uses “she,” and I use “he.”)
Height: 5’2
Skills: Acting
Hobbies: Acting
Profession(s): Student
Likes: Acting/drama club
Dislikes: School
Love Interest: None. (Sometimes expresses some degree of affection/attachment to Dmitri.)
Sexual Orientation: Asexual aromantic, willing to be in a relationship for companionship sake
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Reaches chin
Eye Color: Black
General Appearance: A short and slim individual, with a youthful disposition. Has thick, wavy black hair that covers his forehead. Wears thick-rimmed glasses. Is often scowling. Has a mole under his left eye. Eyes have bottom-lid lashes.
Relationship with Friends: Because he’s difficult to handle, people tend to distance themselves from him. His friends care about him, but can only deal with him for short periods of time before he exhausts them. Dmitri’s the only one accustomed to hanging out with him in extensively.
Key Friends: Dmitri
Educational History: High school junior
Phobias / Fears: None, but he generally doesn’t like being touched.
Bad Habits / Vices: Tends to disregard how other people are thinking; often responds to situations with more emotion than necessary
Best Qualities: Creative and spontaneous
Worst Qualities: Apathetic and rude
Key Childhood Experiences: Childhood friends with Dmitri
Style of Speech: Somewhat grandiose, but also crude and often filled with expletives
Personality: Self-inflated, chaotic and unpredictable, excessive with emotional expression, neutrally looks annoyed as if he's looking at something unpleasant

Idk how to get into these profiles, anymore. To start here's a personality blurb I put on my (still under construction) character weebly:

Lafayette is a pretentious and bombastic individual, with too much emotion for his own good. His default expression is bitter annoyance, making him appear difficult to approach. He also responds to everything in extremities, which can be exhausting for the people around him.
A passionate actor. Has complete confidence in himself, makes it clear to those around him that he thinks himself better than others. Doesn’t care about academics at all (and as a result, his grades are horrendous.)
Excessively extroverted, will enter a conversation on his own accord, even if it is socially uncalled for. Has complete disrespect for social conventions, and does not give a single care about what others think of him. He tends to have a draining effect on people, except Dmitri.
His somewhat chaotic personality makes him difficult to handle.

Idk why I suddenly switch from complete sentences to sentence fragments partway through. UH. BUT YEAH! New character! For Nerdy and Jock! I promise he'll be the last character for the series, haha... (I WASN'T PLANNING ON HAVING SO MANY CHARACTERS FOR IT, WEH.) Also, idk why he's the only one I'm making a profile for. I'LL GET AROUND TO NED AND JACK, TOO...

So anyway. Lafayette! He's a high school junior like everyone else, and a member of the Drama club. While most of the cast stems from Ned and Jack's friendships, Lafayette is friends with Dmitri. (THIS GUY. He also appears in this slightly rude comic HERE, which I didn't post to theOtaku, haha.)

Yeah, I'm kind of at a loss at what to say here... Dmitri and Lafayette have know each other since elementary school, but around high school-ish Dmitri started hanging out more with his football friends, and Lafayette joined the drama club. Lafayette doesn't really have any other close friends besides Dmitri; he's pretty high strung, so it's kind of hard for people to maintain friendships with him. He's more calm than usual when he's on his own with Dmitri, though.

Lafayette's probably my only explicitly non-binary character... Tomato counts to some degree, because he's fine with any pronoun and has Klinefelter's, but I feel that for the most part he's male. I've been kind of shying away from making NB characters, 'cause I don't want to have a NB character just for the sake of having a NB character. Idk, it wasn't sitting well with me. But I'm feel pretty confident that I should make Lafayette NB.
Like I said in the above list-y part of his profile, most people use "they" or other gender neutral pronouns to refer to Lafayette, while Dmitri uses "she." His attitude toward gender is that he doesn't care/mind what people think of him. So someone can think of him as NB, a girl, a boy, whatever it's all kool 4 skool.
I use "he" and stuff just 'cause it's easier for me to think about him, that way... IDK WHY I'M SO BAD TO MY GIRL CHARACTERS! IT'S SO HARD FOR ME TO THINK ABOUT THEM AND COME UP WITH STUFF FOR THEM...!!! I'm just trying to curb that bad habit of mine. "orz

Oh, along the same line of thought (though I guess it's a bit taboo to talk about, sorry), Lafayette's birth sex is undetermined. HONESTLY... I JUST DON'T KNOW...?? I'm not really planning for it to ever come up in the comics. JUST... INTERPRET THINGS HOWEVER YOU WANT, I DON'T CARE HAHA.

It's possible that Dmitri has A CRUSH...??? ON LAFAYETTE? I'm STILL NOT ENTIRELY SURE, 'cause my original plan was to pair him off with Jessica. And it's still cannon that Dmitri has feelings for Jessica. But idk. I'll figure it out.
Also Dmitri's crush on Lafayette isn't like BL or anything; Dmitri's straight and considers Lafayette a girl.

BUT UH, ON THE TOPIC OF ROMANCE! Lafayette's also aromantic asexual, bruh. He's not really interested in being in a relationship, and doesn't have any desire to kiss/cuddle/have sex with people; although, it's not exactly like he has an aversion for those things, it's just he's really indifferent toward them when they concern himself. I said in the above list-y blob that he generally doesn't like to be touched--it's because it's annoying, but it's not really that it makes him uncomfortable, I guess.

He doesn't have a crush on Dmitri, but he does think of Dmitri as the closest person to him.

Uh, what else can I say... idk if Lafayette is his real name, or just one he chose himself... for me, I chose the name “Lafayette” because even though it’s technically a masculine name, it ends in “ette” which is generally perceived as feminine. So that was cool, or something. I have such a bad habit of giving people the most generic names possible (GABE, DEAN, JACK, NED........ TOMATO), so I kind of like how over the top Lafayette's name is. Which he likes, too.

Also, he’s not a tsundere (unlike Dmitri, Wybert, Stefan, etc.......) HE'S JUST A NATURALLY ANNOYED INDIVIDUAL, NO DERE UNDERNEATH AHAHA...

I FEEL LIKE... I'M DOING A REALLY BAD JOB OF TALKING HERE, HAHAHA. So I'mma just stop here and post some pics of him.

External Image
IDK... THIS PICTURE... I feel like the one I posted HERE is somewhat of a better representation of him, but this one works, too.
There's also this one:
External Image
His hair looks so simple... but it's weirdly hard for me to get a balance for... IDK WHAT IT IS! IT'S JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER POOFY HAIRSTYLES I DRAW...