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Waiting For Love

* Original Image: Here
* Textures: 1, 2, and 3.
* Brushes (c) respective owners.
* Created with GIMP
* Character Tifa Lockhart (c) Tetsuya Nomura/SQUARE-ENIX

Hello everyone^^ So this time I have created a card using the lovely Tifa, my most favorite Final Fantasy girl and videogame character. Tifa is one of those characters that I can just easily relate to. Her personality is so motherly, kind, and pure, I look up to her even if she is only a fictional character. She is a great role model. It upsets me greatly though how people destroy her character by creating images of her having beyond enormous breasts that are both unrealistic and disgusting, as well as making her look like a trashy whore. Tifa is not like that AT ALL. If you played the game(s) or watched Advent Children you would see that. Nomura-san describes Tifa as a "pure-hearted girl," so to portray her in sexual situations is just sickening to me. I mean, come on people. >:( Argh.

Anyway, enough with my rant^^; I only used 3 textures on this card since the original image has such light coloring I didn't want to add too much. Then just added some swirl brushes, a few grunge brushes on the lower part of the card, and a little sparkle brushes. The words I chose for this card is to represent Tifa's love for Cloud and their relationship in general. I have always loved Cloud and Tifa as a couple and will always support that. <3 It makes me sad though how Cloud treats Tifa at times. He doesn't really realize just how much she truly cares for him, so I do believe she is always wishing that he will finally return her love. He just needs to realize his feelings for her. ;D Also Aerith needs to be erased completely. XD Haha. HATE Cloud/Aerith XP

This is dedicated to anyone who has ever been in love with someone and wished for them to love you back. Or like me, who really did fall in love with someone only to be rejected right away, but you still had that small hope that he/she would someday have feelings for you. If that makes any sense. Sorry I'm sounding so dramatic in this description^^;;

Thank you for viewing, commenting, hugging, etc! :D Have a great day everyone! Take care!

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