Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) ~ Presious. [ Time. ] ~

~ Presious. [ Time. ] ~

Here is my entry for the challenge:"don't let time pass you by." by Kelsey[Angel Zakuro]
I took too much time to do it,because I was a little busy and tired...^_^' But,I'm well now!=^-^=

This card,I wanted to talk about the time I'm with my friends!^_^
My friends who I always talk,now,I rarely see them...T^T I feel miss them!TT_TT
But,I hope they're well and happy wherever they are!^-^
Oh!I'm very happy for finding wonderful peoples here,on TheOtaku!XD
The time spent here,for sure,I'll keep in my mind and my heart!^_^ Thanks for all my dear friends!X3

I choose this super beautiful image of Kimi ni Todoke!~[because I love this couple!~ X3]
They're so cute!~ And this image fits my feelings!^_^ [I think........u_u']
I use 3 light-textures[I love it!* w *],one gradient effect and a little brush on the left!XD
For the quote...Well,I took MANY time!O.O I really hope it was good!~

Dedication for the creator of challenge,Kelsey-chan!^ w ^ She's an adorable person and a dear friend that I'm very very happy for meet!^-^ Thank you so much for be so sweet!

I hope everyone like my card!
And,please,enjoy the time with your friends and future or present boyfriend/girlfriend [as in this card!^_~ Gambatte Sawakooo!Kazehaya is yours!LOL!~]

{ CRediTs }

-Textures: [DeviantArt]
-Jaicca,schokotorte and regularjane

-Brush: [DeviantArt]

Thanks for all the sweet comments[they help me a lot!X3],Faves and Hugs!~
Ja ne!~ XD

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Angel Zakuro
don't let time pass you by.

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