Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) **- { Happiness. } and. [ Stars. ] -**

**- { Happiness. } and. [ Stars. ] -**

* "The Happiness is like the stars,
we can not see them sometimes...
But we know they exist." *

Hello!~ How are you?X3
This is my entry for the challenge:"Your Life's Quote In A Card" by V-san [KrondorianV]
Yesterday I was checking the my challenges pending,and...I remembered this challenge!O_O "OMG!The deadline is tomorrow!!!NOOOOO!~" I was desperately looking for my life's quote appropriate and the image for combine with allthings....T^T
With only a few free hours,I found the right image and the right quote!XD Haha!XD And by some miracle I finnished it!~ ^_^'
I'm soooo happy!And I had many fun!~ XD

For the card,I saturate the colors,used 4 textures and add text with some simple effects!XD
I hope I've done a good card!~ ^-^
The quote is based in some words of a book!=^_^= I really love this quote,because I think it portrays me very well!X3

I feel,now I give more value to my life than in the past!=^_^= and I'm satisfied with it,well...I have some problems like everyone,but now I know I'm not alone to face them!XD

And I'm thankful for those peoples are always helping me and encouraging me!^_^[as usual,including all my dear friends TheOtaku!XD]
I'm really happy and always smiling when I receive sweet words or a hug or a smile too!XD
Long time before,I did not know the valour these little precious things...^_^

So,please,enjoy every day...And keep doing your best!^ ¬ ^

This card is dedicated for V-san,the creator of challenge,my lovely friend and awesome artist!~ XD
I always love all your cards!^ w ^

I hope everyone like my card!


*-Artist:Minami Seira [e-shuushuu]

*-Textures: [DeviantArt]
-Foxxie-Chan,Hattu-Aki,narcoticplease and EViL-KiTTie-stock

And thanks for ALL the wonderful and super adorable comments!~ X3 *hugs*
Haha!XD Thanks also for Faves and Hugs!!^ w ^[I was very surprised with all those Faves and Hugs in my last card!*.* LOL!]

Ja ne!~

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Your Life's Quote In A Card

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