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Love In Yaoi

*is scared to death of not breaking the rules* D: I almost missed the challenge; luckily, I saw someone submitted their entry and remembered ^^"
(Sorry for posting two cards in a row ^^")

First of all, let me explain this a bit. During the day, Tigure turns into a tiger since that's his normal form. Only at night can he turn into a human. But he's a "normal" tiger, no magical powers or anything (aside from the human thing). Dunno if this fits the rules exactly, but I figured he worked because he looks and behaves like a normal tiger (aside from the thinking like a human and the transforming at night thing). GAH it's complicated >____<"

I didn't use any textures here, it's all coloring and color manipulation.
It's my first time making anything with an animal in it, so coloring Tigure was challenging >_< I was afraid of getting the fur colors wrong, but they look acceptable...as long as you look at it from far away, lol XD I used the Siberian tiger for color reference.

Also, the background is simple because I wanted to focus on the typography and coloring. A blank background is good once in a while ^^" I originally wanted to use the eighth texture from this pack, since I wanted to make a funny impression, but stuck with something more simple.

As for the quote, it came to me while re-reading Love Snatcher (which I strongly suggest if you're a yaoi fan <33 it's a short read since it's only a oneshot - sadly ;_;). "Love in yaoi: it knows no boundaries". Isn't it true? XD It's an original quote, I made it up.

Credits and stuff
Original manga page
Color reference for Tigure: Siberian tiger
Fonts: Zirkon, PF Tempesta Seven Compressed
# of layers / PSD file size: 33 / 1.3 MB (wow!)

As always, comments, favorites, hugs and/or flying spaghetti monsters are welcome and very appreciated <3

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