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Ok, my submission! I hope this doesn't seem stuck up. When I claim that my best personal feature is my intelligence, I am not suggesting that those around me are morons or something. What I mean is that my brain is and always has been my greatest asset.

Even in elementary school, I may not have been extremely cute, I only have a couple of friends, but I've always been able to make objective decisions, to solve problems my own way. This may seem a bit unheard of, but I taught myself how to read. When I was little (before I started school) I used to love when my parents read to me, so much that, I didn't only want to hear stories once a night at bed time. By watching television, asking my mom how to spell things constantly (which had to get old to her) and observation, I began kindergarten fully able to read.

Why is intelligence such an asset? To me, it is very important to understand why things happen. I have a natural ability to do just that. In the work place, at school, pretty much everywhere I go, people come to me for advice, for help, for someone to listen and understand their inquiries. To me, "knowledge is power" It is my intelligence that has taken me to the important place/people/stages of my life.

Again, I was debating on not even submitting this description, it seems completely stuck up. Perhaps I will feel like less of a jerk if i mention my shortcomings:
bland appearance
naturally a loner
quick to anger
even more quick to tears (VERY emotional)
obsessed with anime

Alright, well, thanks for reading all that. have a good one.

Ohhh, yeah, that's right:

Card featuring: Nanao Ise (Bleach) Picture Courtesy of: Google Images
Quote: not really a quote, more or less a commentary on the quote "ignorance is bliss" from Thomas Gray's poem "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College"
<b>Intelligence: Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power"
Font: Century Gothic (Bold)
Program used: Adobe CS5

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