Team Plasma N (eCard Portfolio) Set Fire To The Rain

Set Fire To The Rain

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Where I felt something die
'Cause I knew that there was the last time, the last time!

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  • Bebas Neue
  • Set Fire to the Rain (<---Seriously I found it and used it! Ironic yes? I liked it and wanted to use it!)

Artist: Adele
Song: Rank #21

I seriously CAN NOT believe there isn't an Adele song! She's up to six-seven Grammys and not one ecard! Well I am about to change that! :3 Adele is an amazing artist and her voice is amazing for someone who is just 23 years of age! I thought she was older. Adele I believe is a better singer then even Taylor Swift because yes they both get to girls, however, I believe Adele reaches out to a greater and bigger audience, older women AND men of all ages! :) That is a big accomplishment!

Anyway, I wanted to pick one of her songs but this one just seems to fit me and my mood perfectly, okay maybe its because this is probably my favorite song by her yet. This one I don't I could ever get tired of.

Nevertheless it was hard to find an ecard that matched this but then Sailor Mars came to mind so I choose her. The flames in the background signify the fire on the rain and the emotions a women feels when we have been lied too. If you don't understand what I am saying, please listen to the song, then you will understand the meaning of it. In the Sailor Moon story, there is a time where Sailor Mars or Raye was lied too and hurt by someone and I felt that she would be perfect for this song. Now why I chose the "Let It Burn" which is at the very end of the song, well, with fire you let the bad things burn and fade away. So it makes sense to just let it burn, let it burn, let it burn....also just so many flames needs to be included. I just love this song and wanted the lyrics to work with the card which I feel they really did. You can tell there's heat and yet happyness with the pain finally ending because of the fire burning the problem. :3

I hope I do well in the contest because it took me forever to find the right card, get the right color, the right feel, and the right fonts for this! @_@ Took a few hours so I hope my effort pays off!

Comments, hugs and favorites are always welcomed and appreciated!


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