KiKaiya (eCard Portfolio) And she dreams of...

And she dreams of...

For Kami-chan's challenge I decided to use Coldplay’s new song Paradise~ ^^~

I absolutely love Coldplay and when I hear that they made a new song, and listened to it, I couldn’t help but to use it in this challenge. It’s a really great song and the hypnotic music in it and echoed chorus is really awesome together. :D

While I was listening to it I paged through on some of the pictures that I had saved onto my computer and I found this one. It was between this picture or picking a couple of pics of Orihime and Ulquiorra and making a collage with that song. But I loved how this picture is cropped and it fit with the lyrics that I planned on using so I kept with this.

Girl and Boy: I brightened up the girl in the picture, to show her as the subject, and darkened him down, which can be interpreted many ways. Either representing her darkness or representing that he is only a shadow of her past that she is trying to get away from.

Background: To me watching cherry blossoms and smelling them are very peaceful and calming. It makes me think of a different place, someplace warm and serene that’s just mine. So with the picture of the two(well her) cropped at the eyes, it seemed to me like her eyes were closed off to the world, like she was trying to tune out the world, and him. So I added the cherry blossoms in the background, as if she was just trying to focus on her ‘Paradise’ and maybe, hopefully, melt into it quietly and disappear.

Lyrics used…

‘In the Night, the Stormy night, she’ll close her eyes
In the Night, the Stormy night, away she’ll Fly…
And dreams of… Paradise.’

The reasoning for those lyrics are basically summed up in the background, about her eyes being closed and trying to escape/’fly’ into her(my thought) of paradise. The ‘Stormy Night’ symbolized by her troubles with the guy and her reasoning to want to escape into her dreams at night.


Thanks for reading and viewing! ^^
Hug, favs, and comments much appreciated~ *bows*


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