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Gifts LoveKouichi: And all the training/spazzing you'll do LoveKouichi: To you and your bear LoveKouichi: BIRTHDAY WAR~! Just kidding~ Maybe~ LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday and much love~<3 LoveKouichi: One! One more birthday!! Ahahahahah!!! LoveKouichi: To another year of the Hunt~! LoveKouichi: Have a Panda-aru... LoveKouichi: From your bestest friend/sister~ LoveKouichi: And Day of Appearance~ LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday~ Reenigrl: thak you! happy new years Support KIRA: and the Happy New Year Bunny Support KIRA: Merry Xmas berry Support KIRA: Much love to you, you make me smile!! <3 Support KIRA: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!! <3333 LoveKouichi: С�а��ливого Х�лло�ина, да?  Kolkol LoveKouichi: С�а��ливого Х�лло�ина, да?  Kolkol : Happy Birthday~!!! : Happy Birthday :D LoveKouichi: Peeeep ( >v< /) LoveKouichi: Kolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkol LoveKouichi: Become one with birthday, da~? LoveKouichi: Another Awesome year keskeskes LoveKouichi: To my sis, leading the way lolz Support KIRA: Happy Birthday Ash!! <33 Elix3r: No, THANK YOU! hehe blue dragon123: Happy Easter! : Thanks for the bday wishes~ phantomgirl21: Thank you and you're welcome!! Kai-Kami: Save kitty, gotta love my save kitty cat Vecker: This is Happy New Year Easter Egg!! Woo! : And have a wonderful New Year! : I hope you had a Great Christmas! ^^ DeidaraNarutoClan: Merry Christmas~ :D kukki-chan: thanks : ) LoveKouichi: I can haz summer now? lol XD LoveKouichi: To Otaku Legend-ness lolz LoveKouichi: 11/11/11---Happy pocky day I guess lol akatsuki15: Your Welcome! LoveKouichi: Ello Ash and Donia :3 Support KIRA: Hope you had a great Halloween! x3 LoveKouichi: BUT I shall my revenge in due time B3 LoveKouichi: No fair I can't read any of the gifts XP akatsuki15: Happy Birthday! Support KIRA: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 8D <333 LoveKouichi: I just am lozl I learned for joo : Happy Birthday :D MintIceCream: happy happpy happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! saki 1234: Thank you~ Kai-Kami: For now >P Kai-Kami: Until next time, comrade >3 Kai-Kami: End gift war with a Truce? XD; Kai-Kami: PASTAAAAAA~ XD Kai-Kami: Oh, and for the new world lolz Kai-Kami: Now, time for Recon >D Kai-Kami: You forgot France lol Kai-Kami: COUNTERSTRIKEEEEE *throws Turkey* Kai-Kami: *waves flag frantically* XD;;; LoveKouichi: Until next time, comrade >3 LoveKouichi: Thus ends another gift war hah LoveKouichi: I have enough gift spam for now, da? lol LoveKouichi: Enough gift wars for now XD; LoveKouichi: *throws Greek* LoveKouichi: *disracts Deutschland lol* LoveKouichi: *distracts the 'awesoemness'* LoveKouichi: and >3 LoveKouichi: only partly >P LoveKouichi: Pffft *throws pocky at you* Spazzz XP;; LoveKouichi: Then take a guesss >P LoveKouichi: To da new world, open your's first >3 LoveKouichi: New world FTW XD superstarpanou: Thanks for the sub~ A cookie for you~ :D : Thanks for subbing to me! ^_^ Kai-Kami: NOEEZ PIGGY, I LOVEDED YOUU X'O Kai-Kami: she might sic someone on us >A>;; Kai-Kami: If she does, we're SO doomed D: Kai-Kami: To evil sisters lol LoveKouichi: I made you a cookie but I had a bite XD; LoveKouichi: So glad I have you to talk to... LoveKouichi: Thanks for everything ^^ ecnelisterger: ^^ Happy Easter~~~ Kai-Kami: The Cheshire Cats are up to something :< Kai-Kami: Happy Easter to you, Mad Hatter ^_^ LoveKouichi: And from your sneaky Cheshire Cat too >3 LoveKouichi: Happy Easter my Mad Hatter friend //_^ Support KIRA: *sends pie back* HAPPY PIE DAY! 8D LoveKouichi: Happy Pie Day! X3 Alazne Chan: Thanks for participating! ^^ LoveKouichi: Sink, melt...whatever XD; LoveKouichi: Oh, but you must join sinking, Izah >:P Kai-Kami: Oh shush Izah and Shizei X///P;; LoveKouichi: For our Izah couple~ Join the sinking! Kai-Kami: For V-day AND Anti V-day :P LoveKouichi: Happy V-day! (and Anti V-day) X3 LoveKouichi: And the hunt is on lolz ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D SojiRem: x3 Happy Holidays! Support KIRA: Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! <3 Bleachic: Merry Christmas!!! :3 itemilicious: Merry Christmas~ :D Spirt of water: thank you for my first gift :) Quiet Noise: wish u Happy Holidays! ^_____^ Kai-Kami: Happy Holidays to you too! ^.^ LoveKouichi: *hugs* Merry X-mas & Happy New Year! X3 Saerily: Happy Holidays! nuri chan: Thannkyooooooou :) ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion~ XD Kai-Kami: Oh shush Izaley X///P LoveKouichi: T-enchiiiiii-kuuunnnn~ >:D LoveKouichi: Happy late T-day to you too Sis! X3 Support KIRA: Happy late Thanksgiving to you too Ash! ecnelisterger: Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! XD Shadweh: Happy Thanksgiving! X3 Kai-Kami: *hides in hat* XP Bleachic: Happy Halloween! *^^* Support KIRA: Happy Halloween Ash!! Quiet Noise: I wish you a happy Halloween! LoveKouichi: With fright >B3 LoveKouichi: Filling your dreams to the brim LoveKouichi: I am the shadow on the moon at night Saerily: Happy Halooween to you to! :) itemilicious: GYUHUHU~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN X3 ecnelisterger: Happy Halloween!! :D itemilicious: belated happy birthday~ Kai-Kami: Happy B-day AxelBat! XD Wind Apprentice: Happy Birthday Ashley ^_^ Bleachic: Happy Birthday, my friend! *^^* Saerily: oops~It sent before Isaid HappyBirthday! Saerily: Hap ecnelisterger: Happy Birthday!!!!!!! LoveKouichi: One more gift for you just cause lol LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday!!! XD Early present :P Kai-Kami: Alex hits Izaya in the head w/ a gift LoveKouichi: 'Ight, enough gift war til Halloween XD; LoveKouichi: Get bored without them ;D; LoveKouichi: Pftt...typical guys... LoveKouichi: Tsk fine...and stop calling me that! LoveKouichi: Knock it off you guys and just eat //_T* LoveKouichi: You aren't getting away LoveKouichi: Nah, I just wanna kick your arse LoveKouichi: I said not to call me that! LoveKouichi: Izaya-kuuuuuunnnnnn >:D <3 LoveKouichi: Izaya-kuunnnnn >:D LoveKouichi: Shizuo threw a pumpkin at Izaya XD; : No prob!!! Elix3r: NP! TY 4 Subbin, and I luv it 2!! LoveKouichi: Prepare for...HALLOWEEN >:3 : =] LoveKouichi: YES we shall *evil plotting* >X3 Kai-Kami: I saw that coming eventually XD; LoveKouichi: I know the feeling D= Kai-Kami: Random gift :P LoveKouichi: For Axley >;P LoveKouichi: Jacked the scarecrow's book >:3 LoveKouichi: Happy Easter Ash!!! //_^ Shadweh: Happy Fool's Day to you too! XD Support KIRA: Happy April Fools Day Ash!! :3 LoveKouichi: Happy April Fools to you too sis :3 greenLeAfe: thnx for the bday wishes!!!! Shadweh: Happy V-Day! (...hehe...WW2 ref...) X3 LoveKouichi: Thank you sis!! XD Shadweh: To another year of randomness! XD LoveKouichi: Happy new year sis //.^ : merry christmas ^^ LoveKouichi: Merry christmas sis! //.^ Shadweh: Merry Christmas! X3 SojiRem: Merry Christmas! SojiRem: =D Happy Birthday! LoveKouichi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have some pocky //_^ Reenigrl: thanx for the gift LoveKouichi: From the Ultimate evil >X3 Soichi: Your stories are awesome! Kibaumi: omg, thanks for the panda>_< Support KIRA: Kira/RaXi: To Friendship! ^.^ Shadweh: Xakiah: problem. ^__^ SojiRem: heheI forced Triskix to give up a gift LoveKouichi: Time for the Hunt! LoveKouichi: Use it against those that oppose you! LoveKouichi: From: The shadow on the Moon at night!
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