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Next Generation Organization- Nyx
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This is for Alazne-Chan's challenge 'Next Generation Organization!'

And this is my Oc Nyx from Sojirem's rp world 'Organization Oblivion' which is set 10 years after all of the original member’s deaths.

As the story goes Nyx was, along with (Support Kira’s Oc) RaXi, Saix’s apprentice. After his defeat, and the sheer manliness of epical dramatical fading*coughs*, she along with the other apprentices (at different times) left the castle for ten years. Triskix-Axel’s apprentice(Sojirem’s Oc) came back after that time and started a new organization, Organization Oblivion. A few of the other apprentice came back then as well, Lexian-Zexion’s apprentice(Lovekouichi’s Oc), Xemmsur-Demyx’s apprentice(Khismylife’s Oc), and also RaXi. Along with some new members made up the new organization, Oblivion.

There are other things going on, like Triskix actually made a pact with this mysterious guy who controls him. Thus making himself ‘The Leader of Oblivion’ and using, trying to use, the members as sacrifices to bring back someone dear to him; and Nyx gets a cute little apprentice of her own, but you’ll have to read it to know the rest. ^.^

Anyway… Nyx is a Light welder, I forgot to add that in there, and uses a guitar for long range attacks and a Chinese sword similar to that of a Nandao, for in close combat attacks (and some long range). Though she prefers to use the sword it will not appear if it recognizes the opponent. She has wispy tattoos across her shoulders and they continue a little over halfway down her back.

Another characteristic is that her eyes are different colors. The left is a bright emerald green and her right has a blue pigment to it, due to her using her powers. The radiation of when she uses light, mostly sun light, changes her eye color and is slowly causing her to only see out lines of objects light gives off out of that eye. That is why she likes to trains by moonlight rather than sunlight.


Name: Nyx
Gender: Female
Number: IV
Height: 5" 6'
Age: 19
Weight: 137 lbs.
Hair color: Light brown(red&blonde hightlights) with darker bangs
Hair style: Long hair, bangs in the front (Passed her shoulders).
Eye color: Bright Green (Right eye has a splash of blue though)
Skin: Pale with wispy tattoos across her shoulders and down her back
Best Friends from the Past: Lexian, Triskix, RaXi, and Xemmsur
Element: Light (Even though she likes the dark the best)
Cloths: Loves the color black (but her Element is light) Black combat boots, with black/red crossed chained pants. Usually wears an emerald colored long sleeved shirt, with a long meshed covered black top.-Old Pic- Plus the Organization 13 cloak.
Personality: She's usually shy around people she doesn’t know. Loves music with a passion can also be kinda random. She is very protective over her friends and is loyal to them, putting their needs above her own. As a child she loved training and practicing with her powers, but after the defeat of the original Organization she is more of a pacifist and only fights to protect the ones she cares about. You can usually find her drawing or joking around with her friends. Has a stuff vampire panda (really cute/demented) in her room that her friend got her as a kid.

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