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A Dog

"A Dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his."
-John Grogan-


Picture this, December 25th, 2008 sitting in a movie theater that was packed watching this movie and when you reach the end, you turn to your left, tears flowing down the cheeks of your family, you turn to your right, tears flowing down the cheeks of people you don't know, you look in front and see more people crying and then you realize you are crying too with the entire crowd who is watching the movie Marley and Me.

When I saw this contest, I knew right away I needed to do this movie because I don't think I know one person who could watch this movie and not cry. Anyone who has hand some sort of animal in their life knows and has experienced the love and pain of losing an animal. Marley and Me is a wonderful movie and book that shows you the joys of a dog that was considered to be the "Clearance Puppy."

Owen Wilson did a superb job in this movie and this is still by far to this day one of my favorite movies of all time. I can't even get through the movie with out crying, heck, I even cry just thinking of the movie right now.

The reason why this movie touched me so much is because I had a dog die in my arms when we put her to sleep and it has never really ever gone away the way she had life one moment then the next she was gone. I also can relate so much to the movie because dogs really do give us that unconditional love that we humans need in our lives. Heck, all animals do to an extent. This movie touches so many hearts including my own because its a journey of love and how the one member of your family who may not speak has the greatest voice of all.

I was going to pick another quote but I think this one fits best.

Another reason why I chose this movie is right now I am a pageant queen promoting my platform on Animal Welfare and Safety and trying to promote better living conditions for animals in shelters, stores, end dog fighting, and help get more animal rights out there. Animals do not have a voice so that is why we humans have a responsiblity to be their voice for them. I am just a huge animal rights person and believe that animals have more rights then what they are given.

Back to Marley and Me, this is a wonderful movie and an inspirational story of a dog and his family. I give is 10 out of 10 and five stars! A tear jerker but a great movie with a unconditional meaning!

Comments, hugs, and favorites always welcomed!

Love always,

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