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~For {Sephine-Chan's {Confessions E-Card Challenge. ♥ ~

I used Sephine-Chan's border to make this card. As you all hopefully know, I've been going on a border craze. If you've seen my latest cards, then you'll see. I loved the idea. I loved when people used the border idea, I thought it was so cool. Of course when I used it, I failed miserably lol. I TRIED AND FAILED MISERABLY, KILL ME NOW. So I really wanted to try my best. Of course, I have failed again lol.

So anyway, the meaning of this card is that...get ready for philosophical crap:
I can't see you. You just seem so blurry.
meaning, that I can't find you anymore, that I'm losing the grasp of you. It's been so long, and I still can't find yourself in you. It's like I'm kinda giving up, even if I don't want to.

That was short. o.o

Anyway, this is dedicated to YOU. Yes, YOU! OMG, I love Sephine-chan. If it wasn't for her, I'd never know that YOU, PEARLSKY, WAS ASUHA!!! >o<

Since I got my iPod, I've been saving all my favorited cards and wallies. And then I remembered something suddenly. There was this beautiful card artist who made the most gorgeous cards and I wanted to see them again. I mean, like her cards were fudgin AHmazing! They were so cute and so kawaii! I loved all of her cards, they gave sucha soft feeling. I think she's one of my most admired card artist, cuz I have a lot lol. I've been seeing 'PeralSky' as well around and I was like, "She's pretty good." And stuff. But I really wanted to find Asuha. Heck, I thought I had the name wrong, so I went searching for Ashuo or Asuo or something. AND THEN, I wanted to make another entry for Sephine-Chan's AHmazing challenge.And in her challenge there was a link to her previous challenge. And guess who the winner was? PEARLSKY! And guess what? There were critiques for the challenge about the winners. And I saw PeralSky's NO ASUHA!!! I. WAS. SHOCKED. MY. ASUHA. WAS. THERE. ALL. ALONG!!! ITS. JUST. THAT SHE. WAS. A. LITTLE. BLURRY!

Lol, I'm so glad I found you. I know you probably don't know me, but your works are so beautiful, I'm going to save ALL OF ZEM! DEN I SHALL EAT ZEM ALL.

Well, there it is. I'm so glad your not blurry lol.

Image: {}

P.S. This looks like a very good anime. Or manga. Lol, idk. :D

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