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Humvee Ranch

I will admit, I'm not really a fan of most country music. But, there are some that even I still like. However, when I think of country music, I usually immediately think of the older-style country and western music. Not the real old stuff (ex: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, ect.) like the stuff my father listens to, but the music from the nineties. Like Lonestar's first three releases, Clint Black, (one that is not western country but more of a popish sound, that I still always liked) Shania Twain, Billy Rae Cyrus (one of my first favorites in music) and Pirates of the Mississippi (even though they're kind of in the area of 'huh? Who's that') as well as the name that first comes to my mind when I start thinking of country music - a singer that used to compete in the national rodeo circuit, and the one I chose for my lyrics - Chris LeDoux.

There were several songs I could have chosen, but I selected what just might be my favorite song of his, also the first one that I ever liked - Cadillac Ranch. I would like to say that when I first tried to use that image, something went wrong and it blurred terribly. I play around a little then tried again (without downloading it again) and it worked fine.

If you know this show, then you know it's not the slightest bit 'western' but I found this scan and just knew I had to use it.

Splatter Brushes
Fonts: Western & Crown Title & IFC Railroad & Jellyka Western Princess
Cadillac Ranch - Chris LeDoux (Whooho, finally found the official video!)

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little bit o' country.

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