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Gentle Lullaby


This is for my beloved Wifey, Victoria. It took me awhile to make but I worked hard on it. I know I didn't make you anything on our friendship anniversary but hopefully this makes up for that.

Victoria, you are the Cheria to my Sophie, the Rita to my Estelle, the Milla to my Leia, the Luka to my Rin. I hope you never forget just how much you mean to me. These 4-5 years, we smiled together, cried together, laughed together and I feel that we grew up together. You’ve always been able to make my sadness go away by just talking with you. Losing such an important part of my life would be devastating. You’re not just a friend, you’re family. You’re my wifey for a reason. You always make me happy, and make me smile. All you’ve given me is happiness. Our bond is strong and will never be broken. You’ve done so much for me and I will never stop showing you just how much I love you. I can be bad with words. I’m doing my best with trying to express whats in my heart but maybe words just can’t describe how much I love you. It all started on 7/30/09. On that day we became best friends. I knew you were special and wanted to be friends with you. I got my wish and I’m so happy we became best friends. You’re someone i’ll treasure forever and I know nothing car tear us apart.

As the card says, you're like a lullaby. You're gentle and sweet. Most of my memories of you are sweet but one memory is when I had a broken heart. You were able to put the pieces back together with your kindness.

Always be the beautiful person you are. Don't ever change. ♥

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