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(I know I haven't made much of anything in awhile and I'm sorry for the lack of uploads. I am currently working on a few W.I.P.'s that I will get around to finishing and submitting soon. Please look forward to them and thank you for your patience!)

I am aware that it has been a bit since I last made anything, but I wanted to at least make something for your birthday. I know you haven't been feeling too well lately, but I want to do what I can to help cheer you up and make your special day what it should be.

Quite frankly, I'm a bit surprised at how well this turned out. The scan was pretty blurry and grainy, but I felt the need to make something out of it and I knew you also liked Sailor Moon as well, so I thought it would be nice. I also learned a little bit as I was cleaning it up as well. Depending on how much there is to be cleaned off, different amounts vary when removing 'Noise' and you have to experiment with the levels, instead of using the same levels each time because each amount of distortion is different. I reflected on this and wondered why it was a little hard for me to preserve some of the details when doing so and why sometimes it would seem more washed out than the original scan, when I tried to color on some of my past works. I honestly didn't know why I didn't think of that before as embarrassed as I am to admit, but perhaps that is what it means to still be in the 'early stages'. This leads me to focus on the smaller details in future projects.
The typography... I'm not sure. I wasn't expecting to use those fonts and for them to work too decently, but I think it actually worked pretty okay-ish. I'm still finding my way with it, so looking at it and on my past works, it does seem a tad different from what I usually do, to me. I worked on this late last night too, so maybe I might develop a different opinion on it later. Probably if I stare at it long enough
When I also colored this, I thought about attempting to give it a 3-D looking effect (similar in representation of the new transformation cinematics), but I didn't want it to be too overpowering, so I made it sort of light. I hope you can kind of see it a little bit, since it is a bit hard to tell, haha.

I really hope you like this, I tried my best. I hope you have an amazing birthday, Judai!
-big hugs-

One more important message I have to leave for you to end this off with:
You deserve to be happy, not only just for today, but everyday. I know that attaining happiness isn't easy, but you can do this and you won't be alone. You've been struggling for so long and I know you've been putting up with alot, but you've always tried your best to handle everything thrown at you and I just want to say that I am proud of you for being as strong as you are, more than you think. Even when you're at your lowest, you still continue to be brave and hold out. That says alot more than what words could ever convey. I know that life can seem like a never-ending fight against darkness, but you will have moments where you will be able to overcome it. The most important thing is that you keep fighting because that will not only strengthen your mind, but also your heart and spirit, BUT you do not have to do so alone. Always remember that.

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