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Beautiful Courage!


This is something I made awhile back for my Imouto, Kayla, the Sakura to my Tomoyo~

Don't even get me started with how annoying this was to work with, lmao. The scan may seem pretty decent in terms of lighting, but that's just on the outside. Any way I tried to edit it, it made it darker than what it already was and it was such a PAIN to find a way that actually worked! With a few nights of rage quitting, it took a couple days to actually get to where I was comfortable with it and to where I actually got it looking brighter than it was. AND BEFORE YOU SAY "Well you could've adjusted the actual brightness levels" LET ME EXPLAIN TO YOU A THING: I was already doing that before and it was no help, haha. In the end, I had to combine quite a few effects from one of my PSD's and had to throw in an Action effect or two, while combined with my own adjustments, and I think that's the first time in awhile I had ever spent that much time with just editing alone... good god. I don't mean to rant, but I had to. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, typography included, I think.
(I just hope it doesn't look too washed out to some, I tried to avoid that ;A;)

During the time I made this, Cardcaptor Sakura was announced for a new manga! I'm really happy, its been years since I last read the original. Hopefully I can read it soon, I'm aware there's already translated scanlations of it everywhere. I hope it also gets licensed soon in the near future too~

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