animegirl171 .Draw the Name.

EDIT:Everything about the prizes and other things from this challenge will be posted in my world, HERE. Everyone who entered, please check it out! ^^

This is my first challenge ^^

What do you need to do?
Well, there are a few ways of entering.

x Pick someones' username. Then, try to draw it!
Need an example?
PandaMoon was really sweet and let me use her username for this :3
So, if you picked her username you could draw a panda on the moon. Or something like that, hope you get the idea^^.

There are also a lot of usernames with anime/manga characters, so if you pick a username like that, you would only have to draw that character. There are also usernames with food, objects, animals and so which would be easy to draw.

x There are some usernames which you can't draw (like mine and many more) . Then, you could try to draw someones RL name, or the meaning of the name .
Random example;
If someone here is called Rose, all you need to do is draw a rose. Simple enough? :)

x You could draw a nickname you use for somebody. I don't have an example here, I couldn't think of anything. But I'm sure there are some nicknames which can be drawn^^

x If you really don't have any friends here that you can draw either of the 3 ideas above, search theO randomly and find a username you like! There are sooo many , I'm sure you'll find one that you like :)

"It's that time again..."
For what now?
Rules, of course! XD

x Follow TheO's rules ~
x Digital of traditional, anything is fine ~
x Doesn't need to be colored, or have a background (but would be nice) ~
x You are allowed to enter as many times you want ~ BUT, don't put 2 minutes into the drawing, and than spam this with million of entries ! If something like that happens, you'll be disqualified !
x Don't dedicate it to me, unless you drew my username (or anything), which is almost impossible. I'll be checking all entries ~
x Not really a rule, but it would be nice if you dedicated it to the person who's username you drew ~
x Be creative! Pick an unusual username (not really a rule either) ~
x I forgot to say (but it's maybe obvious) , the person MUST be from theO ~

"It's that time again..."
"To start drawing my entry for this?" nothing bad intended with this, I just love to read that part on the Caption Battle XD
"No... it's time for Prizes!

x 1st place: a fan art or a wallpaper or a card x3
x 2nd place: a fan art or a wallpaper or a card x2
x 3rd place: a fan art or a wallpaper or a card

Not sure about that, I'll maybe change it later..^^

Any other questions? I know I'm bad at explaining . Ask in a comment or send me a PM! ~

What else...
Anyone is allowed to enter!
I didn't invite many people, only a few, hope you don't mind and you don't need to enter if you don't want to!
Hope someone will enter this!
Hope you'll have fun !

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