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Third challenge! <3

I'm sure many of you have watched an anime/movie/drama/tv show or read a book/manga that has made you choked up or made you cry. Or even made you feel so sympathetic to them and didn't want to show or tell your friends or family. Don't lie! xD I've had many incidents of this honestly! Like in Hanatsuki Hime when Lys was desperately calling for her beloved Siva to come back. And also in Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, when you see Kuro looking in the mirror, knowing that she will eventually not have long to live. (me: DDDDDD;) Also, a drama that has definitely made me cry recently was Secret Garden. xD Haha! I also know a few movies that my little brothers have cried to, AND I REMEMBER! (actually I asked xDDD) KOREAN DRAMA: DELIGHTFUL GIRL CHOON HYANG! I cried too~ xD

Ahem, anywho, what I'm asking is for you to draw the scene that gave you that reaction whether they were sad tears or happy tears, or if you held back those tears and just had a knob in your throat xD. I'm not asking you to draw the very exact scene, nor am I asking you to trace! D: Be creative! We all have our point of view on things, even if we're watching the same thing! Express that in your drawing! Even if you don't have the exact source to reference to, draw what you remember in your perspective. Hope that makes sense~ ^^'

However, if you surprisingly have had no reaction as described above to any source of entertainment, GOMEN! Then this challenge is not for you! But I'm definitely sure this has happened to some people in one point of their lives! Hopefully!


  • Please no dialogue in your drawing, like speech bubbles and the such! But if it's like a line that is placed artistically in the drawing, you may do so~ Other than that, PLACE DIALOGUE IN YOUR DESCRIPTION.
  • Any medium is accepted.
  • Any style is accepted. It doesn't have to be always anime~
  • Follow theO rules
  • Keep it clean, please!
  • Please leave a description of your artwork, your thoughts, progress, basically your input and the reason why you drew that or so. Let us know how proud you are of your work~ And we wouldn't know what you drew if you didn't describe it haha~
  • You can have as many entries as you want, although more will not win you multiple places.
  • You have 3 months!
  • Have fun! ^_^

Criteria I'll be looking for:

  • Obedience to the rules
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Description of work

I as the judge, will comment on every entry this time~!

1st place: 1 colored fan art request, 1 sketch fan art request
2nd place: 1 colored fan art request
3rd place: 1 sketch fan art request
All participants will get a medal and a gift from me (including the winners).
Previous challenge prize examples: 1 2 3


  • A Chinese Ghost Story (drama) --> 1, 2

Questions? Comments? Comment below or pm me! I'll be looking forward to the entries! Have fun!


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