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This challenge idea has been on my mind for a long while now, and I thought now is a good time to start it! Imagine a fighting game for just members of theOtaku~! I have designed the versus-screen HERE!

So, I need some challengers! Create and personalize a character or avatar as if you are going to be fighting someone in a video game. It may be based on yourself, an avatar, an OC, or anything~ Just make sure it's your own, and not someone else's character design~

Here are some of my personal inspirations for this challenge: 1 2 3 4


  • Digital work only please.
  • Your character must be colored.
  • Your character must be posed similarly to waist-up. See my example of my character.
  • Create your character in a white background or in a PNG format (with background transparent).
  • Weapons/item/etc. may be included if it does not interfere with the other player's side.
  • Any style is accepted.
  • Follow theO rules
  • Keep it clean, please!
  • The winners chosen will be asked to provide a PNG file to me of their character (the background transparent), so I can render the final image of this challenge.
  • Contestants who want to be in the collage (explained below) will have to provide a PNG file of their character either by submission or by email. Contestants will be notified of this by PM once winners are chosen.
  • One entry per person. If you need to update your character, update your entry or upload it again and let me know.
  • No need to dedicate to me. I'll be checking this challenge often.
  • You have 3 months!
  • Anyone is invited.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Judgement: [bound to change]

  • Creativity/Originality: Does your character stand out? Is she/he unique? - 10 pts
  • Design/Composition - 10 pts
  • Effort/Quality: Does your character look like it can come from a real retailed video game? - 10 pts
  • Description: Character description and your thoughts & input - 5 pts
  • Adherence to rules - 15 pts
    TOTAL: 100 pts

I, in addition with some rl friends, will be judging this contest.

Notes to remember:

  • Make sure your character looks good when it is flipped horizontally. Especially since the 2nd place winner will have their character facing left.
  • Make sure there are no transparent "holes" in your character. To avoid that, make a white layer of your whole character and arrange it at the bottom of your character layers.

After this challenge is finished, I will upload an updated versus-screen with all contestants and winners presented, provided that I get enough entries. If there are more or less, I will adjust the versus-screen as needed. The 1st place winner will have their entry presented on the left side of the screen. The 2nd place winner will have their entry on the right. I will also upload an image of all the entries together in a collage.

1st place: The left spot on the screen with their username, a gift, medal, and a colored fanart request, a sketch request, and a chibi sketch request
2nd place: The right spot on the screen with their username, a gift, medal, a colored fanart request, and a sketch request
3rd place: A gift, medal, and a colored fanart request

All participants will get a medal, a gift from me, and a little headshot spot on the versus screen.

Questions? Comments? Comment below or pm me! I'll be looking forward to the entries! Have fun!


*UPDATE* Winners and the completed collage is HERE!

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