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After 6 years of being on theO, I finally make my first challenge. ~*~AWESOME~*~

Anyway, hi everyone! I'm making this fashion-themed challenge to help promote my fashion design group/club/thing, Fashion Your World! I hope you consider joining, or at least consider participating in the challenge! :)

The Challenge
Design an outfit by using a song or piece of music as your inspiration! Get as creative as you want--for example, use the lyrics, the mood of the song, the instruments, even the era the song is from to help you design your outfit. You can use any genre of music as your inspiration, and even multiple songs as long as you can explain how they're all related and used.


  • Of course, keep it PG-13, and no stealing.
  • You can submit as many entries as you want, but you will not win more than one prize.
  • Digital and traditional entries are both allowed.
  • Masculine, feminine, and androgynous outfit designs are all allowed.
  • Please include in the description a link to the song you used, and how you used it to design your outfit.
  • I would prefer if you drew your design on a character (original or existing), but it's fine to draw the outfit on its own.
  • You do not have to be a member of Fashion Your World to join. (But I'd be really happy if you did join... ;D)

Judging will be based on 1) how creatively you used the song to design your outfit, and 2) your design's overall composition. :D

First Prize will get a fully colored drawing of whatever they want, from me.
Second Prize will get a line art drawing of whatever they want, from me.
Third Prize will get a sketched drawing of whatever they want, from me.
Note: I won't be drawing groups (3+ people), in these prizes.

Alright, I think that's everything! Again, please consider joining my fashion group, if you're into fashion and clothing design~~ ;u;/ (Sorry if I'm being annoying, haha;;;)
You have three months, good luck, and have fun! :D

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