nikkeh09 My Number One!

Well well well I'm back with another challenge! I've had so much fun doing these (: So this challenge is very simple! I want you to draw me your number one anime character. Thats right! All you have to do is draw me your fav. anime/manga character. Have more then one? No problem you can enter as many times as you like but keep in mind only one can win.

Rules (as always )
Keep it clean (follow the o's rules)
Can be color, black and white, digital, traditional you name it
Enter as many times as you like
Dedicate it to me
Mention what and where the character is from (and who they are of course ^^)
Backgrounds not included (I suck at them so i'm not going to force them )

If you want to enter a character other then anime/manga just give me a heads up. I'm not too picky or hard to please.

Winner and Gifts What What!!

1st prize The winner will have one fan art and one month of premium goodness (yes the cupcake by your name is included with this) lol if you are already active then i'll do the next month for ya ;)

2nd prize two fan arts

3rd prize one fan art

as always everyone will get a gift!

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My Number One ~Reenigrl
The Birth of Venus - Kanji Tatsumi ~nataku00
My Number One! - Kirito ~kita mikichi
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