nikkeh09 It Must Have Been Love!

*`~sings~`* It must have been loooooooooooooove....... *`~stops singing~`* lol I'm glad you are all here again to check out my next fun challenge. I want to take a minute and really say thank you to all who take the time to enter these! It means the world!! Now for the moment we have all been awaiting for!!!!!

This challenge is simple! I want you all to draw the first anime crush you had!!!! Or to spice it up the first one you had and then tossed aside hence the song ^^ (it must have been love but it's over noooooooow) ha ha Seriously we all have lots and lots of anime loves but the first one is always interesting and funny!! Lets see who it is (:

*Can be from any manga or anime
*stick to the O rules
*If you want to reuse a picture I'd rather it be updated a bit
*Can be digital or traditional
*Color or no color it's up to you
*Background is not required
*Please no lined paper
*You can enter as many times as you want!!

Prizes glorious wonderful spectacular prizes:

1st place gets two fan arts, a card and a month month premium membership(if you don't have one already)
2nd place gets one fan art and a card
3rd place gets one fan art

As always everyone will get a gift ^^

Good luck to all and please ask me if you have a question

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