envythejealous Give Me Details or Give Me Death!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've done a challenge.

I want you to draw me a picture laden with details! I personally think detailing is pretty fun and I'm interested to see what other people come up with!
It doesn't matter what the detail is: it could be hair ornaments, clothing, or perhaps scales on a creature — anything goes! Make it fancy!
I'll give some examples using my own art:
Clothing detail!
Junk all over the floor!
And here are some things that would not be acceptable:
Sad picture I drew #1
Sad picture I drew #2
If you're still stuck, try googling Alex Milne's artwork. He's an artist for a Transformers comic I read and his art is mindblowing.
Here's one of my favorite issue covers he drew.

- Stick to theO's rules!
- You DON'T have to dedicate your picture to me.
- No lined paper, please!
- Anyone can join!
- Please don't make your picture abstract! Draw some kind of person or animal in and add detail to the background or to the being itself. Nothing like this.

Tips if you're stuck:
- Slow down! Detail takes a lot of patience, so it's ok if you need to stop and return to your work later!
- References are great! Use 'em!
- Think about what you're adding detail to. What kinds of things can you incorporate to make it look fancy?
- I've also found that cramming a lot of things into a small space can help.

I'm looking to see who can incorporate detail most effectively into the picture. Don't draw things randomly, make sure they fit into what you are trying to portray!

I'm not sure what to do about prizes at the moment. I would like to draw for the winners, but I don't know if college will allow me to do that. I'll let you know as the challenge ends.

You have two months! Comment with questions!

Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to this challenge! Two weeks ago I managed to get food poisoning and the aches and stomach problems that came after went on until last Friday. I've also been very busy with tests and essays in all of my classes. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on the entries because there are so many good ones!
For future reference, I wanted to talk about prizes for a moment. Seeing as how my school schedule is going, I don't know if I will be able to draw things immediately (I've been doing a lot of drawing in class lately because I don't have the time outside of class for it). I've decided to give winners two options: you may either request a drawing from me but I can't promise that it will be done in a timely fashion (i.e. within a few days/few weeks), but I promise I won't forget about you; or you may request gifts and a small sketch. The "drawings" would be a finished product: inked and colored. Sketches would be done in pencil with no shading.

Thank you to everyone who entered!!! It was really difficult to choose winners because there were so many great entries! I didn't think that many people were going to enter, and it was cool to see everyone's ideas! If only there was a way to choose more than three winners — everyone did great!! I will be contacting the winners about prizes soon!
Thanks again, everyone!!!

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