Kazamas-Keyblade What Is TheDarkEclipse?

Although this is a common philosophical question, this is something unique.
I'm surprised that no person has done this topic before (at least in my recollection)--aren't I so original?

Anyways...I'm in a very pivotal point in my life right now, and like every young adult I often wonder "who am I?"

Well I've spent a lot of time here communicating with people, working on projects, etc. So who would know my persona here better than the people I speak to on here.

I challenge you~
Who is TheDarkEclipse?
What is TheDarkEclipse?

Make a Fan Art that is your answer.

And I'm not trying to fish for results (yes I am) but I'm giving y'all the maximum amount of time which is 3 months.
So given the date that it is, this contest will end roughly 2 days before I leave for whatever college I go to (likely the military so there's no way I hell I'll have much time for this)

Isn't it so serendipitous how these things turn out?

First of all, I just noticed that I accidentally put one month instead of 3...Ugh, this is irritating!
However, it comes in handy because I wanted to replicate this challenge in Wallpapers and ECards as well, so maybe this helps.

For those who need references or any guidance on how to make a Fan Art for this, here are some ideas.

  • 1- Quote a funny/interesting/memorable line from one of my posts/comments/etc.
  • 2- Use an anime/manga/video-game character that you believe resembles me.
  • 3- If you can, recall some of the icons that I have featured on my portfolio
  • 4- Attempt to replicate my quote/unquote "art style" that I've featured.
  • 5- If you want to draw me/my face, let me know and I could try to upload a picture of myself...I normally don't, but I'll make an exception this time.
  • 6- Pick an object, idea, or symbol that I can embody. It doesn't have to be a person or thing that you draw.

Love y'all

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Who TheDarkEclipse Is ~HiddenMage
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Peace Out! ~kita mikichi
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