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Title get your attention? I hope it did. I can't take all this inactivity. I simply can't take it! So, my solution is to bring everyone together. Everyone I know, everyone I've yet to meet, New players, old players, young, and old. I want everyone who visits this challenge to stop and really think about what this site means to them. Think about it and really feel those emotions.

Now, imagine for just one sweet moment, that TheO isn't just a site but an entire world for players to explore. I want you to think of TheO as an mmorpg. That's step one of my challenge. Removing what you know to change the way you think about something.

Step two of this challenge, look at yourself. No, not in the mirror. Look at who you are. I want you to tell me who you are through this challenge. Now that the world has been introduced, it's time for character creation. I want you to build the you inside you. Take your likes and dislikes, your fashion choices, hobbies, talents, personality quirks, interests, preferred hair style, I want to know who you really are! Roll all of this up and show me what kind of player you are.

Is your play style not a real character class that you know of? By all means make your own! I just want an explanation of what it is in the description. Is your play style well established? Great! Then tell me why you're a mage or a paladin and how it fits into your real life. I want to be able to see those connections in your art. I want you to be the you that you see inside yourself. Here's an example, click me for example

I did one for myself too.

Rules are follow everything said above, follow TheO's rules and have fun with this. It's a great way to meet new people.

As far as prizes go I havent come up with anythin but there will be 1st 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Depending on how many people moon my noble inactivity quest, I may do participation prizes as well. Please have fun with this and have an awesome day.



So I'm thinking prizes will go like this

First prize: fanart or Wallie of your choosing and a Chibi

Second prize: Wallie and Chibi

Third place: two chibis

All places will receive a gift as well virtual hugs!


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