WildGirl1977 This Is Halloween!

Hey guys! Everybody's favorite time of the year is coming up next month. To celebrate, draw your OCs dressed up for Halloween. This is a short challenge, so hurry up and enter! Don't worry about making your entry perfect, just have fun with it!

-Draw as many OCs as you like
-Entries are unlimited
-Explain in the comments who/what your OC is dressed as
-Follow the rules of TheO, please
-Any medium is fine
-I'd prefer entries in color, but black and white is fine, too
-Have fun!


-First place: Two regular drawings and two chibis of any of your OCs (in costume or not, your choice)
-Second place: A regular drawing and two chibis of your OCs
-Third place: A regular drawing and a chibi of your OCs
-Every entry: a gift from me

Congrats to the winners of my last challenge!
First place: moani1582
Second place: Groovy Boar
Third place: cronaandsoul

One of the winners of my last challenge asked for an alternative to the prizes offered. They had a specific request that they asked me to draw instead of the prizes I had planned to give for the winner of that place. So I just thought I would say if you win, I am open to suggestions for alternative prize requests, just let me know what it is you have in mind.

DEADLINE: I am suspending the deadline for a week to give anyone who hasn't had time to enter a chance to get something in. The challenge technically ends October 28th, but I will not judge entries till November 4th. If you were planning to enter but haven't gotten around to it, now is the time! Please enter if you can, and Happy Halloween :)

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