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Wanted to post this challenge earlier, then I forgot about it. But there's no time like the present, y'know?

A while back I was having fun with an AI art generator, and had the wacky idea of drawing one character from one series as a character from another series.
Best explained in this reference pick here of Marisa

So my challenge to you is to do a Crossover of a similar nature.

Draw a character or OC of your choice, but with a twist. Add or edit some of their characteristics to make them look like another character or OC of yours.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of ideas/prompts that would generally be a good fit for this challenge.

  • Draw Character A in the clothes of Character B
  • Draw Character A but with the color scheme of Character B
  • Draw Character A in the art-style of the medium that Character B is from
  • Draw Character A in the setting of Character B's story
  • Draw Character A doing a pose associated with Character B or Character B's universe
  • Draw Character A but gender-swapped (rule 64)
  • Draw Character A as a different species or mythical creature (i.e. vampire/werewolf/alien/cyborg, etc.)
  • Draw Character A anthropomorphized (if said Character is not humanoid)

Most important rule:
Have fun with it.
And of course, if there are any questions, feel free to comment or PM me.


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