Yours Truly Calling all Holiday Hero’s! (and villains)

Calling all Holiday Hero’s! (and villains)

The holiday dimension was a calm and peaceful place till an anonymous holiday kill joy came and upset the place! Taking aim at the fall and winter holidays first. Now your favorite fall/winter holiday is being threatened and it’s up to you to assemble your best protector/fighter to protect it! Design a fighter with a fall/winter holiday theme. Give your fighter a cool outfit, weapon, and a back story to match. Remember that your holiday is a risk of disappearing so make them fit the challenge of taking on this ominous foe!

The rules

• You can ONLY choose a holiday that’s in the fall or winter season. The holiday can be in any culture just give a brief explanation or a link to it if it’s a holiday that most people are not aware of.

• You can turn an already made OC into a holiday fighter or make a new OC for the occasion.

• The fighter can be a hero, villain type (both hero and villain are fighting against the holiday kill joy) or on the side of the holiday kill joy.

• Make sure that the character design shows the holiday it’s fighting for/ or trying to take over. The design can be exacted from an archetype, traditional item, or fairy tale, of the holiday like Halloween pumpkins, Christmas angels, elfs, thanksgiving turkey, the nutcracker and etc.

• Give an explanation on the fighter like its holiday, powers, personality, background and anything to really make the character come to life!

• You can use whatever art medium you see fit.

• Keep it PG-13 please.

• You can submit as much as you want.

• Doesn’t have to be in color but make sure it’s a neat sketch/line art.

The submissions will be judges on:

• Creativity

• How well they follow the rules

• Design

• Bio ( Don’t skip on the Bio I always enjoy reading about characters and take that into consideration!)


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1st prize: One full color request
2nd prize: One flat color request
3rd prize: One line art request

You have three months to prepare your fighter for the battle ahead!

If you have any questions or need clarification don’t hesitate of ask about it!

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