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Title: Mrs.Reason
Logic: Today was the first day back to school and the only time I draw a lyricmisc is during school. Why? It's because they make me focus and concentrate. I know it sounds weird but I can not look at a person while they're talking and comprehend what they say. I have to be staring at a wall or an object or be drawing.

It took me a decent amount of time to name this picture but while I was drawing it one person kept running through my head. The person that got me interested in art. Her name was Jodi and she was my kindergarten teacher. I loved her she was very close to my family. She always inspired me to draw and one day she handed me a book of Monet. Her parents had given it to her and I still have it to this day- 12 years later. If fact everything she has ever given me i still have.

When I was in 3rd grade she was married and had a son. Of course her last name changed and her new name was to be Jodi Reason. after that I never saw her again really but drawing this picture made me think of why i started to draw. What inspired me to do so and to keep drawing? What was My Reason

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