Michiyo Shimizu (Fan Art Portfolio) Dancin' All Night

Dancin' All Night
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Ha, finally finished after so many days/hours. I hope you guys enjoy ^^ This was kind of practice since I had art block of drawing guys... my poor guys, I couldn't draw them! ;_; But now I did. The breakdancer is rosho x3 He's having fun with all the others and I'm sorry for the crappy background LOL I was tired of coloring it in and so yeah @_@ The inspiration for this picture actually came from Koiwo Shiteru by ROUND TABLE feat. Nino and the title of this artwork is actually of ROUND TABLE feat. nino too ^_^

This was also kind of practice with color and I'm sorry I messed up on some parts like mixing compliments with each other... I didn't know that until I saw Jae's tutorial o.o Hm, there should have been a dedication.. I forgot who it was for.. ;____; but I'll make it to Jae since she loves music but probably not disco/neo-disco xP She also helped me out in the coloring so thanks Jae! =P (Even though you hate me 8D) Chouchou! *inside joke*

Materials used: paper, pencil, prismacolor pencils

Time taken: I have no clue, more than 15 hours or something lol like ALWAYS! Dx *shot*
All characters copyright to: me 8D

EDIT: Ahhh, thanks so much for the link jae xD She edited out the red spot that I had made a mistake in.. @_@;

EDIT2: I forgot to do this yesterday~!!! @_____@''' I used a reference for the pose but I changed it a little with the other hand, the leg position, and the face. xD; (That doesn't seem like a little huh.) O.o; lol http://cosmiksquirel.deviantart.com/art/New-Perspective-2-50050392

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anime, aria, breakdance, breakdancing, cham-cham, dancing, dii, disco, feat., manga, michiyo shimizu, mikuni, neo, neo-disco, new, nino, original anime, rosho, round table, sayuke
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