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Happy Belated B-day Meroko!
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I'm so sorry it's late Meroko-chan!!!!!!!!! T^T And I'm sorry if it doesn't look so good, I tried fixing many things tho. ;w;I drew this kinda quick-ish (plus I think I had artist block yesterday DX tell me if you want me to redo ur gift) since I had to do this annoying algebra homework, write 3 pages worth of key terms for history, do this annoying internet search thing for French, and I'm still currently working on a historic prsn and article project. ;^; So I don't think I'll be able to go on much today AGAIN!! DX AGAIN wut!
*SIIIIIGHHHH* Agh, fudge, I have 2 contest pics to do. D: (does pics and hw at same time) JiSa and becca-chan, if I don't make, please go ahead and go on without me~!! I don't want to cause any delays/ problems. @w@ I'm sorry for being slow even tho u added extra time. TwT

On a lighter note;

Thank u for being an awesome friend Meroko-chaaan!!!!! X3 And I'm really glad that ure back!! I wish u a great week~ *hugs*

This is Max and Monica, from the awesome game Dark Chronicle (Europe) also known as Dark Cloud 2 in the U.S. (I personally like the name Dark Chronicle better (plus the logo is prettier) but oh wellz. XD) It's a shame it wasn't such a big hit. ;^; It's one of my fav. games next to SQUARE ENIX's games. X3 and I love those two~<3

Max and Monica © Level 5 Inc.
Art © me
-PRANG Markers, PRISMACOLOR pencils, RoseArt markers and colored pencils, PhotoStudio 5.5 (for effects)

Well, see you later~

(I'll try submiting more BRN today when I get the time~ I WOKE UP AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING JUST TO INK IT BEFORE I RUN OUT OF TIME >w>)

Dark Cloud Fan Art
dark chronicle, dark cloud 2, dc2, max, monica
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