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Gifts : Happy Late Birthday! hope you had fun! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! : Happy Pocky Day~ XD Kami-chan.x3: A banana for you. lol. random. XD *hugs* pilar: Happy Birthday : *Gives u a birthday gift of love*~ XD Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! Arctic Summer: Happy birthday! Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Birthday imouto chan: BANANA FO YOO. :U : Spreading the NY cookie of happiness! XD : Thanks for subbing me too! ^^ VivaLaParadise: :D HERP vdr-07: HAPPY BDAYYYYYY Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRFDAY!!! =3 harvestmoonluvr: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BBY <3 Bleachic: Happy Birthday amico :3 wingedshadowwolf: Happy B-day fellow wolfy!  =^.^= pilar: Happy Birthday! : This is the lucky new year BANANA~<3 aminesick: Happy new years!! =D I hope it was great RSRKingdomStars: Merry Xmas<3 God bless<3 ily*hugs* MashMadness: Merry Christmas! brick=somethingcool krokun: thanks artic-chan!!!! <3 *glomps* AngelBest Dream: Merry Xmas!!!!! harvestmoonluvr: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3 moonlit dream: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Don't fear the comma. RSRKingdomStars: I thank God 4 giving me a friend like u! harvestmoonluvr: Thankful for you this Thanksgiving :D vdr-07: They WON XDDDDD CreamyTea: Congratz on 1000 hugs + 90 subs!  <3 mizukisanofan: thank you for favoriting!~mizukisanofan Feonalily: THANK YOU! it sure was ;P CreamyTea: You're awesome! :D Have a cookie~ Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty Day =3 Artgrrl: Late birthday present :) Black Kiss: Happy B-Day! Hope you had a great one! : KungPowChicken: Happy Birthday! Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =D AngelBest Dream: Happy birthday!!! vdr-07: happy b-day!! X3 StrawberriiTea: HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAYYY!!!! ILUUU <3 : Don't ask about this banana. XD krokun: happy bday!!!!!!! hugs 4 u friend!!!!n_n narutoKHfighter: hey hey happi bday! 100209: happy birthday animae: Happy B-day :) : Happy B-DAYYYYYY xD Alicie: Happy V-day enjoy! LGA775: Happy vday.. Hope u enjoy ur gift Miracle Star19: *Cupid strikes* HAPPY V-DAY!!!X3 : <3 4 u coz I want 2 ~ X3 MashMadness: I hope you have a wonderful new year! imouto chan: For your upbuilding comments! Afterglow: Merry Christmas! :D With love from me. winterlionheart: Happy Holidays Alicie: Merry Christmas vdr-07: for an awesome artist ^^ : I WISH U HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR~<3 Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! cuz u rule and ure cool & ily<3 X3 moonlit dream: MERRY to the CHRISTMAS. >:D StrawberriiTea: Merry Christmas!!! <3 harvestmoonluvr: Merry Christmas!!! ILU xDDD : U R Awesome Freind Arcty :D Afterglow: You're sweet too. C: Have a cuppie cake. RSRKingdomStars: becuz you're sweet and amazing CX *hugs* vdr-07: Thanks for being a good friend! ^__^ Fire Fox Sakurie: Thanks always for the support ^u^-hugs- TemariMinato: happy late bday to a super awsome nakama imouto chan: *glomp* Suprise! Thanx 4 everything! LunaLei: Everyone likes a brick...right? Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARCTICWULF XD Hiddeninthedark: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Frozened Shadow: Happy Birthday! =^w^= otakufangirl: Happy Birthday!! :D blueangel110: Happy Birthday!To an awesome otaku!! ;3 : Darn, Asch and Luke ate the cake again. narutoKHfighter: *hits you with arrow* happi B-day harvestmoonluvr: Thanks for everything!! Your my buddy~! Jigoku Sakura: ur the candle on my piece of cake!! iLU : Here's one of those cookies I bought. =D narutard92: Thanks for the support your great ^_^ StrawberriiTea: You can brick Tea with this for me! :D : thanks for being so awesome! XD shizuka101: I KNOW that everybody likes cupcakes! Frozened Shadow: Thanks for all the support! Panda 4 u! StrawberriiiTea: Ur a great artist & Friend! PS ilu Shiro
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