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Jack and Jill
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Jack and Jill went up a hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after

You know, ever since I was little I was conviced that Jack and Jill die in the end of the rhyme...but now they've come back as zombie children! Oh noes! But their good zombie children because they've come to return the water even after they've bleed profusely into it. :3

I like the clothing personally because it's traditional German clothing. If anyone knows me well, they know I'm a sucker for anything German~. Also another note, I realized as I was coloring this that they look kinda like Ren and Lin and this picture probly would have worked well for Ren and Lin...oh well, a chance lost.

Yeaaaaahhh...this picture isn't that great and I could spend all day pointing out the things that are wrong, but I woun't. Please enjoy this picture in all its lack of quality and I promise to do better next time.

P.S. This concept has now been made into a contest! Plese check it out and maybe even enter?

My inclination to drawing creepy children and bloody pictures is why I have no friends -_- (not including my friends who are reading this, love you guys! :D)

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