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Entry for 15385bic's KuroTomo contest.

Thank goodness! I made it on time. lol
I was worries that I wouldn't. My uncle took my laptop away for the week to fix those strange glitches that keep coming up. It wasn't only that un-loading load bar, but also it sometimes gave me a blank screen when I turn it on or just randomly open strange pages when I'm using the internet. It might have been another spyware or trojan, but my uncle installed a few more virus prevention programs and a faster connection service. Woohoo!

I hope I didn't butcher these characters too much. I was nagging about that the whole time that I was working on it. XD I'm so use to seeing them in 15385bic's style, that I wasn't sure how they'd turn out with mine. You let me know. lol


To Do List

Kissable-Krista: Sam x Ariel (art trade// stuck on background >_< )
XxAerithXx: Japn & France (gift// sketching)
UnknownRumor: Noah x Riku (late bday gift// base colors)
Kingdom Hearts manga: .....still 3 pages. ehehe..



Paint Too SAI
Photoshop Element 6.0 (for effects)

Glitter Brushes by Obsidian Dawn

Before any of you misinterpret, is my new account on DA. It's not set up completely yet, so don't come find me. ( =u= ) Haha, I'm just kidding. But I really won't be on it often until I finish setting up so I'll be late with replies if you leave me any messages. This image will only be on here and DA. if you see it anywhere else, please let me know.

Tsubasa Fan Art
15385bic, butterfly, kurogane, kurotomo, tomoyo
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