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Baby Yumi Ichibi
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♥ Yumi is Yurikami's, my OC for DeidaraNarutoClan's club Teh Biju Club (( join please ^^)), second born daughter. Yumi Ichibi is 1 out of 3. She's a triplet! The Father of this child is Shukaku Ichibi (Sandlover13's OC for the club) ♥

♥ I hope you guys like her! Up Next... Tsuki! ^^ ♥

Name: Yumi Ichibi/Yoshida

Age: Baby (For now)

Gender: Female

Species: Tanuki

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Personality: Bubbely, drunkard, hyperactive, nice, hot-headed

Likes: Onigiri, cats, tanukis, fried fish, sake, sand, video games, candy, fluffy teddy bears, cookies

Dislikes: People afraid of her, guys being mean, etc.

Attack Types: Sand and Wind

Family: Shukaku Ichibi(Father), Yurikami Yoshida(Mother), Yuki and Tsuki

Relationships: None yet

Friends: Jess, Yuri, Yuki, etc.

Weapon: Sand

Favorite Song: Shake It by MetroStation

Sayings: "Cookie?"

Looks: Like Yuri but with Shukaku's eyes

Clothing: up above!

History: N/A yet
Extra Info: Yumi is just a hyperactive baby who won't stop looking for adventure, stealing cookies from the cookie jar, and protecting Tsuki from Yuki. Those are her best qualities! Whenever her two brothers are fighting, she would break them up easily. She loves to climb onto people heads just for fun and she has a wild imagnination. She would remind you of a Rugrat. XD

When Yumi gets older, her personality spits from her mother and father's side. She becomes a drunkard with a big heart who only wishes to be loved. But that doesn't stop her adventures! XD

Naruto Fan Art
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