sylvrkatk (Fan Art Portfolio) NYAF 2010 contest entry 1

NYAF 2010 contest entry 1
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okie dokie kidderoos, settle yourself in, cause I'ma gonna talk for a while


So this is my first entry (woo!) to the NYAF mascot/contest I first found out about the contest about 4 days ago, and what you see before you is the end result of many a sleepless night...

This is Yoru-san (the woman with the black hair) and Libby-chan (the blue girl, lol)

Yoru-san is supposed to represent the folklore of Japan's demons and spirits, while Libby-chan stands for the fun of festivals and holidays of today

some fun facts about this piece :)
1) Libby-chan is eating a candy apple---New York City is known as 'The Big Apple'
2) Yoru means 'night' in Japanese, hence why she is shrouded in black and melting into the silohuette of the skyline in the background
3) the New York state tree is the sugar maple, which are the species of leaves depicted
4) the white cat mask worn by Yoru-san pertains to Japanese folklore where as black cats are good luck, but white cats are not--
5) this entire piece was colored in Microsoft Paint!!!!
6) I like candy :) LOL

A little intro I kept in mind while drawing this:

"As night desends upon the city on All Hallow's Eve, the old world blends with the new...the line between myths, legends and reality is blurred, and anything seems possible..."

I'm pretty sure I captured the themes of "Anime" "New York" and "Halloween" in this pic, but I would LOVE to hear your comments on it

And please wish me luck!

(C) sylvrkatk aka Elizabeth Kellogg
Please no stealie!

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