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Again, another of the G.U. Parody, humanized Avatars. I bring you Innis in her human like form representing her user Atoli. (I intend to post one of Innis representing Shino as well.)
I have to say that I did not enjoy designing this one as much as I have the others. Probably because I'm not an Atoli fan, but as things go, you can't leave one piece of a set undone. So here I am, presenting the one character that somoe people would scream about if I didn't post.
Her design had a basic set to it and wasn't terribly difficult to manipulate, however it did take several drafts before I was content with the contents of the design.
Her personality is more or less the same as Atoli's (or Shino's, depends on which user is represented.) However, in the parody form, she's a bit more of a quirky self. She is usually her usually drawn in, quiet self, however if angered, even Tarvos will be quick to flee the vicinity. She is constantly pestering Skeith in almost a flirty manner, just as her user is with his. However Skeith has absolutely no interest in returning or replying to her taunts.

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