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Kesenai Tsumi Reload

My entry for somegirl's challenge! I finally got an idea for my song choice, Kesenai Tsumi by Nana Kitade. I really love that song so I decided to choose it, but at first I couldn't think of anything. Then somegirl gave me some advice, which helped a bit, then I thought about it and this is what came to me, for some reason. Part of the result was inspired from my favorite lyrics from the song. The ones that are in bold are the ones I'm talking about.

The person in the picture COULD be Nana Kitade, or whomever, it doesn't really matter I suppose. And her face is two different colors because it was supposed to be like part of her is a mask or covered. I just love how her eye turned out. <3

Anyway, this took me quite a while to finish and make look nice. I drew it in the car, colored it at home, scanned it, and then edited it on Photobucket and Pixlir Image Editor. ^^ I did a little more for this one than I normally do. XD Also I did NOT include anything related to Fullmetal Alchemist, where I first heard the song from. I really tried my best on that. :3 So I hope everyone likes it!!



Song: Kesenai Tsumi
Artist: Nana Kitade

With you in my usual sight,
I can breath
Even though that's already plenty enough to me

The petty me does nothing but repeat mistakes
How strong a strength do I need to have
so that nothing will get hurt?

Without hesitation, I believe in this love and live on
I'll tightly embrace your unbandaged wound

And together we'll keep on walking, because we can't go back
Even now, the inerasable sin deep in my chest hurts, but-

I remember the painfulness of the love I lost back then
I'm a little perplexed by the vivid blueness of this sky

For example, even if I sacrificed something, I'd only believe in one thing
The color of the bloomed flowers in the instant when your straightforward eyes reflect

Even if I'm powerless, I'll live on strongly in this destiny
We'll join our hands and our warmths will melt together forever
If so, even if the sins of more things to come will be painful

For example, if as long as I'm with you,
even if we just turn against the waves of the world...

Without hesitation, I believe in this love and live on
I'll tightly embrace your unbandaged wound

Without hesitation, I live in this destiny and live on
If I'm with you, surely we'll be connected forever
And together we'll only look forward, even if nothing came to be done
Nevertheless, I'll keep on protecting you with my hands by all means-



Nana Kitade Fan Art
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