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Inner Spirit
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This piece is for a challenge, "Your Patronus!" by SaxGirl. Basically, draw a Harry Potter character or an OC casting a Patronus charm.

I did a lot of "research" for this piece. Originally, it was to be my character Lani Kaiori, a left-handed sorceress in my original story, Bliss. Her Patronus was going to be a lion (Lani's personality is like the true nature of a lion, not the story-book perception, and in Bliss she is saved by a huge desert cat that resembles a lion) and she was going to be in the Slytherin house, making her dress green and silver. However, when I finished the character, I had to redo the face, and when I did so, she turned out to be Veroni Atlina, Lani's daughter.

I took a bunch of Harry Potter quizzes in order to come up with all the elements of this picture. Veroni tied for both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Houses, so I put her in Ravenclaw with the colors blue and bronze because of Lani's being in Slytherin. Veroni also got a lot of results concerning birds because of her personality, so I decided to use the owl (one of my favorite birds and also an homage to Hedwig) as her Patronus. I'm not entirely sure if Veroni is left-handed, but by the time I realized this I had already signed the picture and didn't want to bother with it.

- 0.7mm and 0.9mm mechanical pencils
- BIC ball-point pen
- RoseArt colored pencils
- Art Studio Classic crayons
- MGI PhotoSuite 4 to clean up after scanning

Time ~ about 5 hours, not including the time it took to wait to scan it since my scanner is broken.

I hope you like it. I enjoyed doing it, and couldn't help but try it after I read the challenge description. The image just popped into my head, and I just had to do it.


Harry Potter Fan Art
challenge, dreamaddiction77, harry potter, oc, patronus, veroni
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