moonlit dream (Fan Art Portfolio) Pit-ta-ta-ta for Sayura-chaaaaan. :D

Pit-ta-ta-ta for Sayura-chaaaaan. :D
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Art-sketch-trade-thing with Sayura-chan, aka Aragorn1014. :,D She wanted a sketch of Pit. And then I made it rainbow-ish for the heck of it. xD;
I also used your "scan different parts of it and then assemble it on photoshop" technique, Sayura-chan! 8D Yay.

It's been a while since I've drawn Pit.... Actually, I just drew him recently in TAOMAR, but I haven't drawn a serious picture of him since the "200th pic thank you" picture. That was 9 months ago. :0 So this was QUITE REFRESHING to draw. (xD;;;)
Some parts of his outfit are wrong... But I don't think any of you will notice unless you're really looking. o3o Fuohahoeohoaooeha. (??!?)
FIND THE MISTAKES AND I'LL GIVE YOU A PRIZE! A virtural cookie. :D (idk)

Oh yeah, the wings are not anatomically correct... so don't use them as a refrence for wings or anything. (why would you? xD) Yeah... I used to know how to draw wings, but I couldn't really remember. So I just kind of winged it. GET IT? AHAHA? Sorry. xD;

Also, the scan was a little light so it's hard to tell, but Pit's sitting on a cloud.

This was really fun to draw, Sayura-chan! :,D Thanks for asking me to draw it. xD
Your half of the art trade is going to be beautiful.
I can just feel it.
and I'll end on that creepy note.

Kid Icarus Fan Art
angel, boy, cloud, feathers, icarus, kid, kid icarus, pit, ssb, ssbb, super smash brothers, wing, wings, yeah
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