ShingetsuHime (Fan Art Portfolio) Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable

Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable

the quote: Plato. I figured it fits with the personality of the me in the picture ^^u

Genderbend!Me for the "So, let's say you changed genders..." Challenge by Maji De.

I dont like it at all >.<

This is my first entry. I'll be entering one more.

When I saw this challenge I really wanted to do it. I asked my friends which type of boy I would be. some said I would be that cute energetic boy, some said I would be that cool, silent one, and the rest yelled at me for thinking about being a boy >.> probably should have told them why I was asking first <.<

This is my Cute Energetic Boy! Me. The prankster, The one with messy hair, etc. Think Naruto...but at the same time not.

For the colors: The eyes are almost the exact shade of mine ^w^. Kind of hard to make >.>
I have the same hair colors. I figured that, even if I were a boy, my love for dying my hair would be the same and since my hair colors aren't girly, I would have the same colors. Although...I was tempted to add a streak of a random color through the bangs...I might do that for my next one

The image: I really hate how this came out! I really need to work on hair shading >.< If anyone can point me in the direction of a hair shading tutorial, I'll be eternally grateful!...and might just dedicate something to ya ;D

Comments? Suggestions?...Links to tutorials? OuO

P.S: Ignore the shirt. I was originally just gonna leave it one tone...but it looked weird. looked better than how it does now with the improvised shoulders and armpit =_= I was too lazy to add them to the line art so I just scribbled them in ^^u >.>

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So, let's say you changed genders...
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