jikosangel (Fan Art Portfolio) Adventures in Clothing Design

Adventures in Clothing Design

WOOT ^____^ so I went to ANIME CENTRAL last weekend, and though I didn't get to go to any of the panels and stuff (long story...), I did get to see some GORGEOUS outfits and cool clothes tht totally inspired me!! I've got 4 pages of 3 designs apiece that I've done since then that i'll be uploading, then sketching out for real.

(keep in mind, this is my "quick sketch" version of them, so they look terrible...but the official sketches of each drawing will be started later this week, so look for them!!) Original Concepts:

The right side image: my ideal design for me, what I would love to have someone sew for me as my outfit for ACen next year (when I will hopefully be selling my work!) ^___^ Turquoise is totally my color, so I went for turquoise, black, and white. Music is my major inspiration, hence the music patterns used. And I love-love frilly, comfy, lacy things, so that skirt is based off of a gorgeous one that I have, and it'll be super cute and comfy!!

the middle outfit is to match mine, of course: it's for my boyfriend to wear next year while helping me at the booth. something tells me he will be getting plenty of looks from all the girls XD that cross style shirt is my absolute favorite asian fashion item for men, so i HAD to make it part of his outfit ^___^ (i've usually seen it in red and black, which is beautiful, but doesn't match my design). and then the loops hanging from his pants would be of the same black/turquoise fabric from my skirt and glove- actually we'd have matching gloves on opposite hands <3

the next design is my first attempt at something for my best friend- she said she's always wanted "one of those knee length white skirts" and i think this was what she meant. I threw in a beautiful green and pink cherry blossom patterned kimono style top, because those colors would compliment her eyes the best (the green is closer to her green eyes!) but I'm not totally content with it, and i think I may try a couple other styles for her :D

dedicated to blue latter- I haven't talked to you in a while, so here's a pretty present! hope it makes you smile!

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