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Decided to do some Adventure Time fan art and such.

I didn't think I'd enter another Paperchild challenge, but I couldn't resist since it ends on my birthday. Maybe good luck... or bad, its probably an equal amount.

The first one I made was the Ice King, then Finn, and lastly Jake. Jake was the hardest to make. He's kinda bean shaped...

I was gunna color them with my prismacolor markers, but my light blue ended up looking kinda purple-y and I messed up the Ice King's skin, so I had to color digitally and print it out so he didn't look like he had hypothermia or something. And because he was colored digitally, I had to do the rest that way also. (I don't think I had the right colors for those anyway.)

I took this picture on my deck, so I needed to do some cropping to get the houses out of the background. You can still see the gazebo but I think it looks okay. I had a few different shots, but I like this one because I used the snowcone machine to make "snow" for the Ice King. It didn't last long in the heat though. There's this vine wrapping around the deck that had morning glories and I thought it looked like a suitable setting. I thought of taking more pictures, but its been pouring all day.

Anyways, I worked hard on this so, enjoy.

Adventure Time Fan Art
Adventure Time, dog, Finn, human, Ice King, Jake, paperchild, paperchildren, shaved ice, wizard
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